Dear Future Me

Dear 25 year old Namu,

    Hi Namu! I hope people still call you that. At this point, I’m not sure what you may be like and I have no idea what you are doing at the moment but there sure are things I hope you’ve done. As much as I want you to live a proper life, I want you to be the happiest woman you can be and you do what you can to make all your dreams come true.

1. Go Skydiving Again and Get Your License

    Remember how amazing you felt when you landed at Byron Bay and how much you wanted to do it again. Well I hope you finally got your license! I still dream of the day I can jump out of a plane on my own with my pink parachute so I hope you have fulfilled that dream!

2. Finally go skiing and snowboarding

    You know how much you wanted this so I hope you’ve done it a few times already. Remember that little girl 10 years ago who’s never seen snow, I hope her dreams have come true. I hope she had finally built her long awaited snowman and conquered a ski and snowboard slope.

3. Get a Scuba Diving License

    You’re fascinated by what’s under and over land so I hope you went for it and got a scuba diving license! I hope you’ve dived in Maldives as well. I hope you expanded your horizons to more than what you see and took every chance you got.

4. Jump of a cliff

    Okay this applies to base jumping, bungee jumping AND jumping of a cliff into water. You’ve been skydiving so I bet base jumping would be easy for you. Bungee jumping would be absolutely no problem for you so I hope you’ve done it a few times. Really if you still haven’t jumped of a cliff into water, get someone to push you in. Really, do it.

5. Met Alfie Deyes and Zoë Sugg

    I hope and pray that you actually met them before your 16th birthday. 1. Because you would have been the happiest girl on this planet and cried a river of happy tears and 2. If you didn’t then you would have lost the bet. Really, I hope you met them and make this little girl's dreams come true.

Thanks for reading future me, if you even remembered that this was here. I hope you’re doing well and if you’re not, go for it and just be a pilot already. That's what you want to do and you have the chance to do what you love, travel. You’re great and if you’re ever feeling down, just remember me. Remember that little girl who just wanted to have fun and forget about real life.



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