Dear Dashania

Dear Dashania Elvira Gregory,
How’s life? Life is great now right? No homework, no stress, no school. I hope that time has been as kind as a doe to you and that you are doing well. I can’t really predict   what your life is like now considering the fact that likely all things you may be facing now are not the things you are going through with your own parents or your high school friends. So basically that’s the whole reason you are writing this letter to yourself. 
Well, to give you a word of advise although I am like 10 years younger than you but hey you are still me right? Know that the person who cares about you a great deal is your family and is concerned for your well being, never ever forget about the sacrifices and memories that you and your family have gone through all those times. Accept that you may need to trust their advices and judgments over you, and listen attentively, be open minded to what he or she has to say.
Secondly, self acceptance, always allow yourself to be whoever you want to be, love yourself. Have hopes and dreams,adventure. I recommend experimenting with envisioning your future life. Besides that, don’t get so caught up with relationships that you know that you can’t get along with and end up disappointing and hurting yourself. So pick the right person that you are comfortable with  and have the same, equal  mindset, dreams, an occupation that is stable and of course God fearing. I also hope that you have travelled around the world, meeting new people unlike what I  am  now, literally not travelling anywhere.
I would be very grateful and proud of  you if you could do me a favor, “PLEASE GET SOMETHING DONE WITH YOUR ENTIRE BODY!” Get your hair done, your face treated, and of course please get waxed… I want you to not stop or give up on your teaching career, be a great teacher for your students. Promise me you would be a good, loving, sincere, bubbly, dedicated teacher just like Miss Chong, your ex Science secondary teacher. Remember the days when she used to run around the class chasing you for not drinking your water or not knowing the Science questions that she asked you, she was indeed a wonderful teacher. 
I also hope that you really get a whole set of new clothings, your younger me loves vintage clothing . Vintage clothing appropriate and fashionable. Furthermore, get yourself some Jazz albums like Frank Sinatra and all. Make It your hobby, collecting Jazz albums. Hey, I know you are like only 25 but when you get married please have a good wedding. A wedding that you would always remember, don’t spend too much though. I would suggest going for a wedding that is simple and classic again ahhahaha. 
Oh wait and also when you have kids, please please  please!!!, get your kids to do some performing arts or something. Send them to dance classes, piano classes or whatever that interests them, let them be creative with their minds. Teach them to keep journals that would help them in their English, read books and do well in their studies to accomplish in their lives, learn the Mandarin language. Let them have fun too… Go out for parties ( DON’T DRINK TILL THEY ARE 18 and ABOVE) and not forgetting their creator, go to church and pray. 
I hope that you would remember the experiences in your life that you wanted to learn from and that to the letter to remember all the times you lost your things (especially loosing your Macbook),not taking your piano lessons ( the biggest regret) and all the other good and  nonsensical things you did in life. Whatever you do, please do not be fat and do not be vegan, just keep a balanced diet, eat what you like but don’t be a glutton.  Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone although our friendship seizes from now on, don’t want you regretting about all the hardships and embarrassments in your life with me.  

From the younger me.


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