What's In My Backpack?

So it’s time to go back to school! There are pros and there are cons. One of the pros is getting a new funky backpack. A backpack can really spice up your outfit. Even if you are wearing a drab school uniform, a rocking backpack will definitely add some spice. Don’t just buy a backpack with amazing designs, make sure it’s big enough for your truckload of textbooks and essentials. 
Aside from the textbooks and workbooks, every girl’s backpack consists of a stick of lip balm, a packet of oil blotting sheets and maybe even a hairbrush. Girls, don’t even bother denying it! Here is a little insight on what our backpacks are filled with. Obviously, a cute pencil case big enough to fit all your stationary. You can’t go to school without your notebooks, I personally enjoy rocking some DIYs on them. Of course, the dreaded textbooks, loads of them. Wrapping your textbooks are highly recommended to prevent tearing. If your books are in mint condition at the end of the academic year, you can sell them to your juniors to earn some savings. Make sure you have an amazing case for you iPads/laptops that compliments your backpack. You should bring a planner to school to note down all those test dates and assignment due dates. 

Lip balm is a must have for those chapped lips, especially if you’re living in a dry climate. Lip balm is with no doubt a life saver but water should be your best friend. Never forget to carry your water bottle around to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Always have a good book in your bag if you have nothing to do in study hall. Some classes are really cold so a sweater could come in handy. That’s all the things we have in our backpack!


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