Curated Art: Where I See Fashion

Everyone appreciates a fine piece of art. Many worship the fashion industry to the extent that the reverence becomes literal. Take teenage fashionistas for example; they swear by the pages of Vogue, Cosmo, Elle and other prominent magazines. Hardcore fanatics might have even built a shrine for their fashion heroes. However, I seriously doubt that anyone is able to distinguish the relevance of fashion editorials to works of art or photographs of nature. Yet, Bianca Luini- the genius behind the much-crazed blog, Where I See Fashion- proves me unquestionably wrong. 

WISF embodies the true essence of fashion and showcases a different perspective of art to the world. It is indeed a refreshing fashion blog of gorgeous combinations of timeless fashion photographs with their complementing counterparts and is definitely worth adding to your list of favourite fashion blogs ever. 

Bianca's brilliance is plastered all over the Internet and no doubt recognised by anyone who knows art. Esteemed supermodel Coco Rocha has even mentioned her blog on Twitter, pronouncing it one of her "all time favourite fashion Tumblr accounts." 

Stumbling upon her blog a few months ago is perhaps an event I will forever be grateful happened. I am absolutely awestruck by her genius and the whole world definitely is too. Featured in 81 publications thus far ranging from WeTheUrban to foreign publications, WISF is literally a celebrity on its own. But what amazed me was the artist who created all these sublime matches and who she is. I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to have gotten the opportunity to interview Bianca about her art and more importantly, about herself. Here's my interview with Bianca below!

What would you say is your greatest achievement from creating WISF? I know Coco Rocha has mentioned you on Twitter and I think that's amazing! She's one of my favourite models. And WISF is featured in so many magazines and publications, and in so many languages. You must have been thrilled your work has reached different parts of the world.
I'm still amazed that Coco noticed my blog and said she's a big fan, she's one of my favourite models too so that makes me so happy. This has been an incredible achievement, but the greatest would probably be being able to inspire people all over the world. My dream has always been to inspire people; it's still hard to believe that it's actually happening and that my blog reaches countries on the other side of the world like Australia or Brazil!

I'm just curious, but how do you find so many gorgeous matches so quickly? It would take me years to find one!
I save a lot of pictures everyday, sometimes I'm lucky enough to find two photos almost at the same time that perfectly go together, but usually I find the perfect pair after a few days, or even weeks. Or maybe I don't find anything for a week and then I create 15 matches in a day. It's not a regular or determined process, it kind of just happens when it's time!

You must be super busy with what's going on in your life right now; with the WISF blog, college and whatnot. Yet you are coping so well! And your fans, I am certain you receive tons of fan mail and messages. How do you find time to juggle everything at one time? You're literally Superwoman. 
It is hard to keep up with everything right now as I'm also about to graduate from university, but I'm doing something that I love and I really enjoy, and even if sometimes it can be really stressful, I just carry on because I know that hard work will pay off. Also the sweet messages I get on Tumblr keep me so motivated, I could never thank my followers enough for the amazing support they give me!

I am downright envious of your life. You're a genius when it comes to art, you have the most amazing hair and best of all, you live in Milan! What do you think about your life right now?
I wish my life was half as cool as you picture it to be, basically I spend most of my days in front of a computer screen! But seriously, I'm only saying this because I want you to know that I'm just a normal girl. Actually, I've always been the average student, I've never been popular or the best of the class and all my life I thought I wasn't good enough at anything. When I started WISF, I would have never imagined that it'd go so far! I did it just for me, it is a way to express myself and I think this is why I enjoy running it more and more every day. So don't be afraid to express yourself in any form when you feel like, because if it's something that you really love and believe in, and if you keep going, it could make the difference and be the turning point in your life. It could happen to anyone just as it happened to me!

Milan's probably the headquarters of fashion with all the major designers established there. I'm not surprised if the city has rubbed some of its magic on you. So what's it like to be living in the heart of the fashion world? 
A lot of people here hate Milan actually, the weather is not the best as it rains a lot and there's often a very grey atmosphere. Also, most of the people here are not interested in fashion at all. But to me, it's the best place in the world- and as you said, it's one of the most important cities when it comes to fashion, plus my family and friends are all here to support me, I couldn't go on without them. I feel like this is the city I belong to and I know that I'm very lucky to be here.

There are many aspiring artists out there nowadays trying to break into the world of art. Some get noticed, some don't. Many give up when they realize how hard it is to achieve recognition in this industry. How do you feel about that? Have you ever contemplated of giving up on your work before? 
Of course it happened, either just for laziness, or because I didn't see the results fast enough. Not many people know about this, but before WISF I had another blog called 'Cartoon Runway' where I used to post fashion editorials with the face of Disney princesses/princes. Actually it's still there if you want to have a look: cartoonrunway.tumblr.com. It was fun, but I stopped after just a few months. I've always wanted to create an original blog about fashion, so even if the first time didn't go well I didn't give up, I tried again and this summer I started WISF! My advice is to keep trying, because your next try could be the right one.

Would you rather be a fashion designer or photographer? 
My biggest dream right now is to become a fashion photographer or a fashion editor, magazines are my favourite thing!

Favourite magazines?
Besides Vogue, I really enjoy LOVE, Antidote, and iD!

Favourite film ever? 
This is a hard question. I love very different kind of movies (except horrors), from Harry Potter to Star Wars, from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Inception. It's too hard to choose just one favourite!

Art heroes?
The fashion photographers that inspire me the most at the moment are Tim Walker (my all time favourite), Sølve Sundsbø and Pierre Debusschere. The artists that I love the most are probably Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalì and Marina Abramović, but these are just a few of the many! Also, I'm kind of obsessed with Lady Gaga.

What countries have you been and what's your ultimate favourite?
I am very lucky, I've been to a lot of countries all over the world (except America, I want to go so badly!) so it's hard to choose. I'd probably say Australia is the country I love the most- it has such incredible environments! I'm also in love with London, that city is so alive, I don't have a better word to describe it.

What is the most beautiful place that you have ever been to?
This may sound weird, but I'd say Tumblr. I'm constantly inspired by the photos I see there, it's a wonderful community of creative and interesting people, a place where you are completely free to share the things you love and your ideas. Also, tumblr is literally changing my life, it's incredible! I'm so grateful I stumbled upon it a few years ago.

Are you a pizza or pasta kind of girl?
Pasta is the love of my life!

Do you listen to more indie or pop?
As I said before, I love Lady Gaga, she has inspired me like no other artist has ever done before, I don't really know how to explain it. Besides her, I mostly listen to pop, rock and R'n'B, I love Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, also The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen.. But I love every kind of music! I couldn't live without it, basically I listen to it 24/7, I'm listening to music right now too!


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    Its a unique perspective of fashion. I imagine this is hard to find those two match image all together.

    I like her tagline "I see fashion everywhere and everything in fashion"

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