To Sharel, From Sharel.

Dear future me,

How are you? How were your IGCSE results? Have you finally chose which course to take: IBDP or A-Levels? Do you still have a double chin? Do you have puffier rice cakes under your eyes? Do you still make monkey faces? Do you still make animal sounds? Sorry for the overload of question but this was you in the past. By the time the future me will be reading this, you would be around 25 years old. By that time, I’m guessing you have already graduated from university, furthering your studies overseas or could be possibly working. You might still be in touch with some of your friends from secondary school because come on, who can forget them? Maybe you would not be meeting up with each other as often compared to before because you used to literally see each other from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. The memories living in a boarding school must have been certainly remarkable and significant; watching each other nurture from ages of 12/13 to 16/17. After secondary school, I suppose you were all off to your own seperate ways.

To the future 25 year old me, I guess you would have achieved one of your dreams, to travel almost half of the world. That’s one thing off my bucket list (haha). Oh yes, have you tried out bungee jumping which you have been longing to try out? Do you still play ball sports: basketball, netball? I suppose you own a condominium now, possibly in the States and a pet dog. You must own a Golden Retriever puppy or a pug and must have named your puppy, Paddy. Paddy was your deceased dog in the past in case you do not remember. 25 year old Sharel, you have to make sure mum, dad, grandpops, grandma are still healthy and your sister is still in touch with you. You have to make sure you have a body with a good shape or at least a fit and not an overweight body. You have to work out daily or just go for a casual stroll after work. Treat yourself to a good meal monthly.

I suppose you would be indulging myself with good food. You should have gotten rid of your bad habits by now: eating junk food, midnight snack munching and stop eating instant food. Future me, do you eat yogurt and fruits daily? You should go grocery shopping every week shopping for your favourite fruits: peaches, strawberries, soursop and many other of your favourite fruits. At 25 years old, I do not expect you to be married just yet but at least start dating, will you?

Right now, the 15 year old me in 2016 has no idea what she wants to do in the future. I have had ambitions of becoming a pedeatrician, forensic scientist, lawyer and etc. A few days ago, I obtained my Cambridge Checkpoints Examination results. The entirety of my class, the Sophomore 2, were so nervous and drunk with anxiety. While we were waiting for our results, our palms got sweaty and perspire internally. What if it was bad? What would happen if our principal announced it? After our vice principal announced the top achievers for each subject, he announced the top achievers overall. After revealing the second top achiever, my name was announced and I was shocked but didn’t show it externally. I was pretty sure I didn’t do well in some subjects or I made careless mistakes. After I received my results, I was overjoyed yet it all felt preposterous at the same time. My senior, Alicia was elated and embraced me in a hug with her stubby arms. These were good memories which I guess you must cherish even until now:)

That is all from the 15 year old you.

Lots of Love,
15 year old Sharel:)


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