Past - present - future. WOMEN.

Starting this post by quoting Gloria Steinem, "Whoever has power takes over the noun - and the norm - while the less powerful gets an adjective". 

It is time for us to realize that in this generation, women are progressively imprisoned in a world of negative reflections by totally internalizing in the chauvinist context. The best example is given : ladies are rarely stereotyped to be effective leaders, in the contrary men have always been the choice numero uno. Practically, we have lived in an era of us being stereotyped as - the worst drivers on the road / the least sportif / not the bread-winner for the family / the best at staying-at-home / and the list goes on and on. 

This post is not a feminist post, rather, it's a publication to second Sheryl Sandberg's cause to dedicate a message to all women out there and in here : to lean in. We are not just beauty items of which if expires no longer are we valuable to even be looked at. We are not totally dependent of what our opposite genders are to cater for us. We are not the weaker gender who settles for the opposite gender and stop reaching for the achievement that we once believed we could have achieved. We should stop contributing to strengthen this custom but we should start contributing to a wondrous change, hoping to bolster women's capability in a context larger than what we were stereotyped to be!

Men are not patterned to be stronger than women, they are indeed stronger than women in a lot of aspects. But this point needs to be taken too in the reverse order. I am not urging the fact that women are equal to men, nor women are better than men. Both genders have their very own ways to commit and contribute to the society in a very individualistic motive. Men can never be the same as women and women can never be as great as men (vice versa!). It is not the men whom we should be against but it is our own whom we should better. 

If you will be a teacher, be the greatest teacher you'll ever be to your kids.
If you will be a mother, be the greatest mother you'll ever be to your children. 
If you will study in computer science, be the greatest student you can ever challenge yourself to be.
If you will do modelling, be the greatest and the most successful model you can ever be without the needs to be adjectivized by others. 
If you will be a wife, be the best wife your husband will never expect to own. 
Always seek to better yourselves in many ways and at all times. 

Let not the past stereotypes define us, work in the present to redefine our values in the future.

"Whoever has power takes over the noun..." - let us take over and charge of this great noun given to us women, "and the norm" - let us decide what our norms are supposed to be as the great women, "while the less powerful gets an adjective" - never will us settle for an adjective!


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