Why We Follow Trends

Generally, a trend is defined by a recent developing craze that people are somewhat inclined to follow. Teenagers are especially an age group who are easily influenced by these movements. As a teen myself, frankly I am unsure of how easily my peers are brainwashed to devote to a new concept. We all have our personal views on a movement yet in coalescence we seem to obey it. At current, there is the standard theory that teenagers tend to support trends just to fit in. Some youths feel that by donning certain clothing that exudes style, — of course the meaning of the word itself is established by the public — they would not be falling behind from the crowd and are able to protect themselves from social judgements. 

These days, trends seem to evolve faster compared to how it passed in the last decade, likely with the aid of technology. Social networks are today’s main platforms to spread a trend in under a day. As soon as one internet user starts sharing a certain post, another will receive and share on his page, creating a chain that eventually connects the world to one source. But there is a downside to this, and that is if a certain trend spreads at a rapid pace, it is then most likely to go out of trend just as quickly. 

Designers normally draw inspiration from their surroundings. However as I refer to the quote, “It’s a small world after all”, us humans don’t differ much from each other. We all share the same planet with similar physique. Furthermore, humans unconsciously adapt very well which is why we buy new designs that are set, subsequently rising a new trend. But we are also in constant aptness for novelty, thus explaining why trends die down after a certain time. This is merely a myth for some fashion as they are still in growing demand until now. For example, jeans were introduced in the 1800s but it is still labelled trendy today.

Do not worry, because trends are subjective. So the next time someone criticises your lifestyle choices, you should not feel obligated to change and join the throng. At the end of the day, your happiness must come as your utmost priority. As mentioned, trends come and disappear as frequent as displeasing ads air in between our favourite tv series. You ultimately stay the same so be at peace with who you are right now. 


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