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Presenting movies that are filmed to emulate our secret daydreams, this month ought to be a wishful start to the new year, to say the least.

Mean Girls
Mark Waters had fed the esteems of teenage girls everywhere with this iconic movie. Its famed quotes are gladly applied among millennials these days, with the concept of wearing pink on Wednesdays still pertinent. So why is this movie such a big hit after 12 years? Set in an all-too-typical American high school, Mean Girls classified the hierarchy of high school in every respect; there were the most popular boy and girl who end up together — upholding immense power — and the group of those less fortunate with looks who were labelled losers. This rank remained until a new student with dazzling beauty came into view, disrupting the social construct. What’s more was that she fell for the most popular guy in school. As exaggerating as this plot might had been, it had definitely grown on us and other youths alike.

High School Musical
A successful trilogy was not what Kenny Ortega had in mind when he directed the first High School Musical movie. This high grossing movie was indeed a very typical cliché movie that appealed to boys and girls of young age. With a high school as the backdrop, captain of the basketball team and the shy but smart new girl as the duo, as well as cheesy singing that appeared to be fitting to every situation in the movie, High School Musical is a must-watch movie for every teenager. This story revolves around love and friendship despite every differences, a typical yet high grossing production. Admit it, we all once wished for a Troy Bolton to magically appear in our lives and sweep us off our feet.

Another Cinderella Story
The title itself would had told the entire story. Undeterred by its cliché, Another Cinderella Story touched many young girls’ hearts and had us dreaming for our own prince charming every night. The story revolved around a girl, Mary Santiago, who loved singing but was restricted of her talents under the evil ridicules of her stepmother and stepsisters. This soon changed when a charming man came across in search for the girl who he heard singing, which was of course Mary herself. We all knew how the climax was. In the end, the charming man and Mary lived happily ever after. True love will eventually find its way to reach one’s heart. Is there anything more cliché than that?

Prom: perhaps the most significant event a person could ever recall in their teenage years. In this film, a smart and enthusiastic girl was put in charge of holding her school prom. Everything was going very well until a disaster struck and destroyed her entire prom preparation. But have no fear as in all cliché movies, the bad boy had to help her set up everything all over again as part of his punishment. They fell in love soon after and faced conflicts upon their polarities. It is indeed a very sweet story that will warm your heart.

Romeo and Juliet
Perhaps one of the most cliche-filled movie of all time, Romeo and Juliet is a classic must-see movie. Anyone, who is anyone must had known the tale of these star-crossed lovers. Romeo and Juliet fell in love in one fateful night and decided to get married instantly. As usual, Juliet’s parents found another prince charming for her and insisted her to be-wed him. With all certainty, Juliet’s heart was only for Romeo. Juliet then decided to fake her death with the help of one of her servants and reach Romeo of her plan. Unfortunately, the information did not reach Romeo in time and he killed himself, thinking he had lost his one true love. Another chain followed and Juliet killed herself too in order to reunite with her love, Romeo. This was a love story that surrounded loyalty.

Love, Rosie 
Two best friends, Rosie and Alex had stuck by each other’s side for as long as they can remember yet never really realised their feelings for each other until it was too late. They shared dreams of leaving hometown and be successful together, though never once in a romantic sense. Through three failed marriages and a child, their love for each other never wavered. To add more cliché, Rosie’s daughter befriended a boy at a young age too, soon repeating the platonic friendship of Rosie and Alex. Can’t get anymore cliché than this, right?

13 Going on 30
Jenna was your typical teenager going through pubescent confusions. She desired for popularity, wealth, a perfect boyfriend and the desperate need to become an adult. And so, like every other magical plot, she miraculously time travelled into the future and became her 30-year-old self. There, she learnt how to adapt to the concrete jungle of reality, and it was not only until then did she notice that grown-up life was not as simple as it seemed. More trouble rose when she found out her best friend who she actually loved was getting married. Could Jenna survive this muddle or will she be stuck in the future forever?

BY: Michellejeet


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