Our Hidden Powers

Tell me, do you remember your childhood dreams of becoming a superhero? Suiting up 
as Superman or Batman with a cape, having a bold alias and flying around saving the citizens of your city. It is no doubt that the dream still lives inside most of us, but what some may not realise are their natural abilities that can hover over great heights. They too, can be a superhero in their life without owning extravagant powers or a mighty cape.

Superpowers are normally associated with flying, laser visions, or being able to move at the speed of light. Physical strength itself encompasses this ability. However, the noun does not necessarily have to be stereotyped to only these few, - sometimes it may come from the spirit within. Kindness, for instance, is a superpower that most unknowingly possess. Say, you are walking down the street and you see a poor, homeless man with only a tin to collect spare change. You feel compassion for the man, so you kneel down to give him at least a fraction of what you have, - maybe a dollar. Little did you know that the amount may sum up enough for him to get a proper meal in a long time. You are his hero, you saved him another day.

Now, a woman might be walking fast to head somewhere, and some money may have slipped out of her pocket without realising. Witnessing this, you go against your ego and call out the woman to hand her back her money. This courtesy will make her day just as much as the sense of relief will be washing over you. You have saved someone from a loss, you are a hero. 

Once you embrace your hidden powers, believe me when I say no evil forces can possibly  stop you. Start helping people in whatever ways you can. If you find that someone is lost, steer them into the right direction. If they fall, motivate them and pick them up. However, you do not necessarily have to be someone else’s hero to feel accomplished; you can be your own. Improve yourself constantly and the people around you will feel the boost. So remember, being a hero does not require super speed or any of that sort. Instead, it builds upon modesty, fairness and kindness. Be a hero today.

- Written by Namrata Gopwani and Maryam Soraya.


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