Our Furry Heroes

Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are large, some are tiny, some are whiskered and some are fluffy. We often overlook our everyday companions, - our loyal canine friends - for the heroes that they are. With that being said, let us pay tribute to the furry selfless dogs that constantly remind us of why they are deserving of being labelled with the honorable title, a man’s best friend. 

The Moore family found their guardian angel in the form of a German Shepherd. Noah was just a tiny fuzzball full of energy and spirit when they took him in. Little did they know of the fate that lies ahead that will prove Noah’s undying loyalty till the very end. It was just another ordinary day on the road for the Moore family. They were all comfortably rested in the confines of their SUV, when a car rammed into the car in front of their own. The owners of the two vehicles involved in the mini accident got out and soon, an argument ensued. The offender seemed as though he was not in the right state of mind, as onlookers observed. He whisked out a gun and began firing shots recklessly, hitting the SUV of the innocent Moore family.

The bullets pierced through the backseat of the vehicle, heading straight for the children in the car. In that split second, the dog sensed the incoming danger faster than anyone else. Without hesitation, Noah flung himself right in front of the children to protect them from the gunshots, taking a bullet in the process which hit him in the neck.

The injury that Noah suffered was beyond repair and he died shortly after the incident. His willingness to risk his life for his ‘family’ is something beautiful. Even a dog, a creature of another species, would sacrifice himself to save his loved ones who aren’t even of his kind. Noah, the German Shepherd is a dog that will be dearly missed, remembered and respected for his noble sacrifice to save his family. 

Written by,

Lam Wei Shan and Siti Sarah


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