Everyday Heroes

 Have you ever thought of who you are surrounded with everyday? These people, what are their true colours like? Do they often do common acts of bravery? Without realising, we are actually surrounded by heroic characters. Big or small, they dare to do something everyday. They fight for what they believe in. To take an example, activists; they fight for what they believe in, may it be in peaceful means such as mahatma Gandhi's form of protesting or with a little violence where loud shouts and rallies are believed to be the best form. 

Our parents are a prime example of an everyday hero. They fight for our rights to a bright future with actions as simple as working to pay for our wants and needs. They also teach us all that we need to know, before we step onto real educational institutions. We owe who we are today to our parents. Some may think of their parents as nothing more than stressing workaholics who only show love in a form of expensive items. However, what they may not notice is the hidden love and care their parents keep inside. As I said, they care so deeply for our future and they only want the best for us. You are loved by your everyday heroes.

Perhaps, pets can also be considered as everyday heroes. But I would prefer to focus more on those strayed on the streets and the ones normally seen as wild monsters. Some of these creatures are tortured alive for human research. Animals that survive through these are truly heroes that should be appreciated. Marine lives underwater, from small fish to endangered sharks play a greater significance than most would have figured. They contribute much to the global ecosystem. If it were not for them, this world might have change for the worse. 

A saying that is often hold on almost spiritually by everyone is to never judge a book by its cover, - and this speaks the truth. In reference to the BBC documentary, 'The First Grader', everyone has judged the main character for being an old man who seems to be wasting education when in truth, he is once a soldier that persevered for his country’s future. He only wanted to learn to read so that he could read a letter from his friend whom had died in war. He had been brutally tortured and nearly driven mad but after the war, the rest of the world did not acknowledge his fortitude. When his blood trickled down his back from being whipped to go against his country, he still continued to fight and believe. These are some of the true qualities that make one a true hero. 

To keep on persevering even in the darkest of times and to keep moving forward even if you are trudging; to fight for what you believe is right, that shapes a hero. Open your eyes and maybe you can find these traits in people around you, or people you would have never thought bold enough to possess it. Appreciate your loved ones for everyone, in their each of their unique way, is a hero. 


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