Multiplicity of Race and Identities as a Mixed Race

Race associated with biology is an identity category which have been studied across many disciplines and yet race is now been dis-proven as a scientific concept. The world identified Barrack Obama as a “black man” although he was of African-American descent. As individuals who are of mixed race, have you ever experienced the exact same situation where the community of this world are so confused  that “mixed races” are only allowed to choose one identity?

Speaking as a mixed race myself, have led me to address to the community of the “identity” of “mixed races in a more cogent manner and list one of the 5 main problems mixed races out of the many problems created by the society  have to go through, basically throughout their whole life.

5 Problems Mixed Race Would Understand

1.       Filling forms where there is not a “mixed race” option.

-          In Malaysia, a dangerous development is increasing blindness to the existence of residences of other cultural heritages, who are identified together under the term “lain-lain” meaning “Others” if you are not considered a Malay, Chinese or an Indian which are the 3 main ethnic groups in Malaysia. Are we not part of an identity if we are of mixed heritages? Have we been forgotten by the society just because we are of  mixed race? The answer is a definite “Yes”.
  2.  Answering the question, “ What are you?”

-          As for me, I am totally fine with this question as the other individual would like to know me better however it gets over board when the friends surrounding you for almost 3 years asks   you the same question. In my opinion, as individuals who are of mixed race and asked that exact same question continuously definitely makes us feel insecure of ourselves. We are often pressured of finding a way to make the people around us understand our identity. Sadly, the community are so narrow- minded that they still do not get our identities over the millionth time you have explained to them.

3.        Listening to people argue over which ethnicity you look like the most.
-          Have you ever been called a race that you are actually not and have been forced to accept that identity? As for me, I have been encountering this situation all my life,even at this present time I am writing this article. Throughout my learning life as a student, I was always identified as a Punjabi or an Indian. Being of a mixed heritage of a Eurasian and an Indian, the community have always forced me to identify myself as a Punjabi and an Indian. When told I am of mixed heritage, they argue within themselves on how I do not show any traits of a Eurasian and often compared to an actual Eurasian without any mixed heritages. At this point, the community starts reacting in a racist manner. They compare the colour of your skin, the size of your eyes , the texture and colour of your hair. The list goes on and it never ends as they find every inch of insignificance in you to support their narrow-minded opinions
4.       Explaining your name to people
-          Well, my surname is Gregory and no, my father’s name is not “ Elvira Gregory”! People have have always judged the names of mixed races as our parents tries to reflect all the cultures in their blood. However the results of the child’s name would end up being one of the most awesome names ever heard or the names that are just simply really complicated. For instance, my name is Dashania Elvira Gregory however the community have interpreted my name to be an Indian name instead, just because of the first two syllables in my name “Da”. In Indian names, there is always the usage of Da such as Darshini or Darshana and therefore my mother decided to reflect the Indian culture in my name. Sadly, my name which is  of a reflection of both Indian and English have been summed up to be an Indian name.

5.       “Oh you’re only half /one third/one fourth”
-          Honestly speaking, people  who are not of a mixed race should stop using this phrase as it is indeed a very offensive statement to make to a mixed race person. I am very sure that there is not  even a single mixed race individual out there have not experienced this statement. With all due respect, is the community that asinine  to find every mistake in mixed races? I have encountered this exact statement saying “ Hey Dashania, you are only half  Eurasian so that does not make you a Eurasian, so you are an Indian,” As much as I would like to put the emoji of the blank face, please understand that is the whole purpose on how we are mixed race and the community does not have any right to tell us of our identity as I am pretty sure we are well aware of that. Telling us that we are half of this and that does not make us that, simply just makes us confused on our personal identities  whenever that is said.

Subsequently,multiplicity of race, having different heritages that are being carried on for future generations have indeed been made an issue in the world. It really creates a miasmas of not-being-welcomed into the society  as if (we) are like an urchin trying to walk down the street without being judged. Therefore, as a community the multiplicity of mixed heritages and race should always be perceived as something unique, extraordinary rather than making it seem so standard.




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