The Domino Effect

The Domino Theory, a relatively well-known theory in the past, stated that if one country was to succumb to the influence of communism, other neighbouring countries will follow suit and take up the mantle as a communist nation. This theory was particularly popular and commonly used during the Cold War period by the American governmental and administrative bodies. 

Venturing away from the political aspect of the Domino Theory, the Domino Effect is also prevalently known to the public to be that of the ripple effect of the knocking down of tiles, which are systematically and prudently arranged in various, uniquely singular patterns. This particular trend of the uniformed tumbling down of tiles has taken the world by storm since its discovery and almost the entirety of Earth’s population has seen this trend in action before; be it on screen or in person. 

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionaries, the Domino Effect is essentially the cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events. This effect can spawn either a chain of positive or negative outcomes, which may potentially benefit or hinder an individual. Our actions define our very being and our habits further solidify our personas. Without our characteristic traits and habits, we would be empty shells with no substance whatsoever. Be it good habits or bad habits, they play an integral role in our daily lives.

When we associate habits and the Domino Effect together, how do they correlate? It is relatively simple actually; one action (regardless of positive or negative nature) will spark the execution of another action of the same essence. The cycle continues; triggering a chain of reactions and thus, stimulating a ripple effect. For example, let’s say you are determined to improve your academic grades and pass your examinations with flying colours. It is important to possess the drive and fervour for your goal in order to ensure that you actually see it to the end. You will most probably kickstart your initiative by reading and studying your textbook everyday for at least forty-five minutes. Gradually as time passes, you will find yourself increasing the time allocated for study and might even find yourself reading your textbook for an hour and a half each day! When you finally get a firm grasp of the momentum and pacing you are going at, you will find yourself naturally executing other extra work with flair: attempting past year papers, completing miscellaneous exercises, asking for tips from teachers and so much more. All of these will soon become habits and you’ll be seeing an A* in your school’s record card in no time at all if you maintain the momentum! This case is the perfect representation of how a simple first act can simulate a chain of other beneficial habits; highlighting the Domino Effect. 

On the other hand, the Domino Effect can also spark negative consequences; contrary to the previous example. For example, if you were to put off and procrastinate on an assignment, you will soon find yourself developing a complacent attitude and will shrug off all your pending work. When the deadlines for these assignments arrive, you will most probably enter a state of frenzy and rush to get all your incomplete work finished; indefinitely disregarding the quality of your output. Not only does the act of procrastination increase stress levels but it also promotes unhealthy living and develops a sense of laziness in us. Try to avoid from engaging in habits such as the aforementioned one as it is extremely difficult to escape from the spiral of ‘addiction’ caused by the Domino Effect. 

In a nutshell, this is all but just a simple exposure to the concept of the Domino Effect. You can search up information online to learn more about this fascinating theory. Please just bear in mind that one action always leads to another one. 


  1. This is amazing theory. It is important to possess the drive and fervor for your goal in order to ensure that you actually see it to the end. You will most probably kick start your initiative by reading and studying your textbook everyday for at least forty-five minutes. Lovely post.

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