Life Beyond The Eyes

I never believed in urban legends nor the stereotypical myths. Believing in what I can’t see is definitely nonsensical. Spirits, ghosts and demons don’t exist; they are just creations of us human beings to gain attention and media support. People say demonic possession or exorcism is the worst fear anyone can ever experience but for me my lonely life is my biggest fear. No one can ever understand the hardships and feelings of the child who was left on the streets 10 years ago. What can be worse ? Demons, a non-existence and undefined so called ‘matter.’

Loneliness is what I receive everyday from the society. ‘The girl who lives alone’ is my pet-name in college. I am regarded as a person who lightens up the negative vibes. People scare themselves with non-existent supernatural things but I am terrified and disturbed by my own life. I have no one by my side; not even a friend. That night, I was blindly walking through the spiral road. The clouds were nearly black like never before. The trees were swaying in pain. The wind was blowing away the innocent and dried leaves. It felt as if the environment was trying to communicate with the inner soul of mine; it was trying to warn me and protect me. Just then, I saw a bright neon light moving towards me. The beam of light was approaching me with a velocity that is capable of terminating the acceleration. 

My body felt numb and I was unable to even take a step away. Out of the blue, a man like figure grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to his chest. I was able to sense his heart beat racing and pounding against time. As I looked up, he glanced at me with his hypnotising grey eyes while gripping my arm tightly. ‘What do you think you are doing? Are you crazy ?’, he lamented. I was terribly wounded deep down my heart until I was too tired to quarrel back. This guy full of mystery then told me his name, Chris and gave me an idea of staying over a nearby hut as it is about to rain. I decided to take this pleasant looking man’s advice. As I hastened my footsteps towards the strange looking mahogany door, I felt a gush of wind passing through my body and leaving me with cold shivers running through my back. I was terrified for the first time,yet, I opened it with my bare hands and bravely went inside. 

The curtains looked tattered and worn out with a faded reddish stain on it. The non-exclusive chandelier was swaying from side to side although there was no presence of wind in that house. The furniture and walls were equally lacklustre; the house was just devastating to look at. Just then Chris surprised me from the back and whispered, ‘This is where she, ‘Bloody Mary’, died’. Without a doubt I bursted out with laughter as these are all foolish folks. As I was laughing, I heard my laugh echoing continuously even after a minute with increasing volume. I started to worry and requested Chris to accompany me upstairs. 

Without fail, he nodded and agreed to do so. Fear gripped me as we laid our feet up the spiral stairs. It made a shrieking sound that was rather irritating. As we were approaching the first and only room in the hut, we started to smell something very awful. It seemed like the smell of a rotten and partially decomposed corpse. I glanced at Chris and we somehow understood the meaning of our eye contact and decided to barge in the room. As we opened the door, the position of the chairs, tables and books left us speechless. The chairs, tables and books were at stationary without gravitational pull. Suddenly, the door behind us shut close and the lights started to get dimmer while blinking excessively due to the electromagnetic forces applied. The bed and cupboard started to rotate while everything else was already gravity-less. The chairs, tables and book begun to throw themselves at us in a domino effect. That was when I realised things beyond my eyes can witness do exist. She was there in that room; she was among us. Out of the blue, Chris kicked the door and pulled me with him. I was left speechless. We managed to escape the house of terror and at that point I realised that if it was not for Chris, I would have been dead. 

Sometimes, not believing in things we can't witness can be harmful. Souls contain energy despite them being in a body or not. After that night, I was no longer the introverted girl everyone despise, instead the courage within me is now raging. I was happy for once; I was delighted to have Chris by my side. I am now living…




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