Horror in Hide and Seek


Remember how we would all use to gather around in a playground as little kids trying to find a spot to hide while the seeker finds you.Truth to be told,there is a lot more from where that came from.

Screams. Betrayal. Psychology. Everything comes together as one relating to horror.Horror has a lot of dark secrets to it rather than just a mere story.This isn’t just about reddish blood; awful and hideous looking monsters and terrifying spirits. It is all about the tingling, ticklish and horrifying goosebumps that you sense and feel. Now that is horror !
Hide and Seek begins.

Based on the movie HIDE AND SEEK, a 2005 film, tells a story of a psychologist named David with a daughter called Emily who moved to Upstate New York after a parental suicide of the wife. Emily started having an imaginary ‘friend’ called “Charlie”. After ruining her friendship with her real and present friend, Amy, Emily decided to not have any new friends anymore. Things starts to get heated up when a beautiful and young lady named Elizabeth Young was invited to dinner with David. Emily acted hostile and seemed like she despised Elizabeth. Therefore, hoping to make peace with her,Elizabeth decides to play ‘Hide and Seek’ in the search of Emily’s imaginary friend “Charlie”. Things starts to turn into a mystery when Elizabeth opens a closet and someone pushes her off the second-story window; falling to her death.

After this incident, David begins to realise that he possesses a split personality- himself and Charlie. Due to this,David was consumed by “Charlie” and therefore continuing his horrible deeds. Having a close friend,Katherine by his side; will she be able to stop “Charlie” from continuing with his awful actions and playing the frightening hide and seek with his daughter who dashes to hide?

This movie reenacts one of the popular stories in the ‘Hide and Seek Horror History.’ It involved a person having a psychological split personality that ends up conquering the person’s mind, body and soul; creating danger and serious horror. Kids find ‘Hide and seek’ very interesting but would you want your kid to be aware of the dark side of this game ? The creepy part is that,it is not just in the game of hide and seek, it could be anywhere. Feeling scared? Well, there is definitely much more untold secrets about this. Beware !




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