Most extreme things people would do for Love

The most extreme things people would do for love

‘Love’, a remarkable word by itself. A simplified meaning of this word would be, two souls that live together and die together. Well, some people are madly in love that they would do anything for their partner. To add on to that, it is definitely true that love is blind.

1. Getting a surgery to look like one another
This is indeed one of the most extreme things people would do just for the sake of love. Well, simply because their extreme love made them feel that they were the same person. They believed that it is just two different bodies but with one soul. In order to make their dream reality, Neil and Jacqueline went to a plastic surgeon and got matching, identical faces; all for the sake of their so-called love! 

2. Getting shot for sympathy 
Just to get their partner’s attention, getting shot is simply nothing. Just prove their love to their partner, they would even go to the extend of getting shot. In order to make his girlfriend feel sorrow for him, Jordan begged his friend to shoot him; just for his girlfriend to show more affection and love towards him. People all over internet find this extremely loving and cool just it is simply madness. There is no need for anyone to prove their love but it just takes that special someone to notice it. 

3. Committing a crime
Yes, this is indeed true! The motive behind committing the crime is basically just trying to prove to your partner that you are capable of doing anything. I strongly believe that this has nothing to do with love but instead just trying your level best to showcase your so-called capability. To add on, people who commit such crimes’ often end up with phycological problems due to the desperation to impress their partner. It is purely insane and inhumane for a person to kill an innocent person just for their own greed. Somehow, most of them believe that is what love is all about. However, in my point of view, that is exact implication of the phrase ‘Love is blind.’

4. Suicide
This is among the most favoured thing that most couples do to prove their love. They simply give away their precious life just to show love. In my point of view, this is completely absurd and ridiculous as they do it just to manifest such a pure and genuine emotion called, ‘love.’ In general, suicide is not a thing anyone should do in any circumstances. Especially for love, it is purely insane. According to the people on social network, it is just a way to express love but I believe that, how would you know that your partner would regret your loss ? It could be the opposite and you gave away your life for absolutely nothing. Just remember, love is a pure substance with no impurities !

5. Act 
The sub-heading of this extreme thing may seem short but there is so much more to it ! It simply means to gain attention and sympathy; one of the partner acts as if they are not mentally stable and require constant attention. People can even dig as deep as that in desperation of attention. However, I strongly believe that although this person is putting up an act, eventually the person will resolve to be mentally unstable since he/she has very low self-esteem. Therefore, putting up an act for attention may seem like the easiest thing to go on with, but it will definitely resolve to be the most dreadful thing ! 


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