A Guide For All The Single Ladies Out There

    Okay even though Valentine’s day is over, it’s never too late to show yourself a little love or go crazy! Couples may still be going through the Post-Valentines fever, but us single ladies are so over it. It’s time to celebrate being single, so go through our guide, for all the single ladies out there!

1. Throw yourself a pamper evening

Let’s show some love to our body and give it the break they need. You could draw yourself a bath with amazing smelling bath bombs, or even make your own! After coming out of the bath, moisturise and wear your comfiest pair of pyjamas. You could throw on a face mask, paint your nails or even have your own manicure and pedicure.

2. Venture for the best donuts in town

Why not go on an adventure to find the best donuts or even cupcakes nearby? This would be an adventure worth taking and would greatly benefit you for those days where you really want a treat and need perfection. Who needs guys when they have donuts?

3. Take a cooking class

No matter how old or young you are, it’s never the wrong time to take up cooking, unless you’re still too young to look over the stove that is. Cooking is something that is personalised to your taste, if you think it tastes good, that’s all that matters! What better way to appreciate food you made by yourself by having a feast! Food always tastes better when you know you made it yourself, besides, cooking is going to help you a lot in your life and why not take tips from professionals!

4. Watch a play

It’s never a bad day to watch a play, I honestly love watching words come to life. You may ask why can’t we just watch a movie, but plays or even musicals are simply joyful and does the full justice of a story or even a script. You could go with another single friend to make things extra fun and have an amazing dinner afterwards.

5. Build A Bear

Don’t you need a little companion to beat the blues? A cuddle buddy? Or just someone to guard your bedroom? Whatever it is, a custom Build-A-Bear will be right there! There are Build-A-Bear Workshops all over the world with amazing options to choose from! Whether your bear is a Star Wars Character, a Disney character or even a super hero, it’s your choice and it will always be amazing! To make things even more official, for each bear you buy, you get a birth certificate for them really making them your own!

So I hope these ideas help you through the rest of February and other Valentine’s Days to come! Remember that being single sometimes is one of the best things ever!

- Written by, Namrata Gopwani and Maryam Amran.


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