Belated Powers of Recall

One of the most underrated, - and more often than not deemed intruding - blessings we receive is the ability to remember. Our mind functions in its own drive, safeguarding each passing moments of our lives until the present turns into history. Some may be later than others in restoration, thought located somewhere inconvenient against our will, but it is never truly gone. These minds only need more time to develop; they need another day to figure what we grasp in one lesson. Unfortunately, the ticking time perceives wit and these special individuals may have their values outweighed by minutes or years late. 

Sit back for a moment and let us recall our ABCs and 123s. Majority, without a doubt, are able to zoom through the alphabets and number with ease, having learnt these basic knowledge a lifetime ago. Now try to reflect upon our past self and compare that with who we are now. The nursery rhymes we innocently listened to have shifted to songs with lyrics that bear more weight than a black sheep. Our response to rejection have matured from loud cries and screams to silent endurance and tolerance. The subjects we learn in school will even make us wish we were back in 1st grade, thinking of how easier life was. We are too overwhelmed by the complex comprehension of our mind that we fail to realise how fortunate it is for it to be working normally at all.

They say with age do men become wiser; this case may be a little overdue for some. Imagine you at this age, still struggling to remember what comes after the letter ‘U’. Imagine now, you still need to rack your head to the timetable of 5. Envision a scenario in a mall, where a teenager starts to cry and wail because his favourite meal is not available at a restaurant. The privilege I have of typing now even should not be taken lightly, for someone sees it more than just a convenience. With limited control on their mind state, their abilities to remember events require patience and strength. 

Nonetheless, all this is not to say that they are dumb; as a matter of fact, their skills and senses are a step ahead of us. It is only their memories that may be in store later through repetition, but it will remain forever afterwards. With this small disadvantage comes a beautiful giant blessing for them, that is their eagerness to truly live. When we plug in our earphones to listen to sad songs and tune out from reality, they will be singing aloud to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, filling this solemn world with colour. When we grow old and grey with a feeling of grief for the future, remember them who will still be there to appreciate the simplest things in life with so much excitement. Indeed, your premonitions will fade away.


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