The Best Urban Legends

   So since it is the month of Halloween, SPARKS has decided to bring to you, our Top 10 Urban Legends! We warn you now that what you are about to read is completely daunting and terrifying, but it is worth it if any of you are mystery-seekers.

1. Bloody Mary

    Probably the most common urban legend out there, the legend of Bloody Mary. Many people shudder at the sound of her name, other people laugh and some may not even have heard of her. It is said, that if you go to the bathroom in the middle of the light with no lights on, only a single candle lit, and you say her name 3 times in the bathroom mirror, she will appear and rip your eyes out. No one knows if it is true, but those who seek for answers may be indirectly seeking for death. Even though some people may find this a pile of nonsense, some claim to have lost friends due to this. It is something to be careful with and not to be fool around with, but the question taunts you, is she real?

2. Kuchisake-Onna
    It is not uncommon for children around Japan to see a woman walking around with a face mask. Occasionally, she’d approach certain Japanese children asking them whether she is pretty. If the child says no, the woman will cut them up with scissors, but if the child says yes, the woman will reveal what is behind her face mask. Behind her face mask, you can see that her mouth is slit from edge to edge. She’d ask you if she is pretty again, and if you say no, she’d cut you up with scissors, but if you say yes, she’d make your mouth just like hers.

    This woman is known Kuchisake-Onna or in more common terms, the Slit-Mouthed woman. You may think that she is indefeasible, but there are certain tricks that may just give you enough time to run away; if you call her average when she asks you for the second time, she may get confused and you will have enough time to run away. The same for if you reply her asking if you are pretty. Also, for another quick escape, is to throw candy at her and run while she is distracted picking them up. There have been many eye-witness accounts of seeing her but who knows, maybe she is lurking around the streets of Japan right now.

3. Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light

    There are many versions of this urban legend, but each of them has a few things in common. The main idea, is that a girl returns to her dorm room late at night, to find that the lights are turned off and that her roommate is sleeping soundly, or so she thinks? She gets ready for bed without the lights and goes straight to bed. The next morning, she goes to her roommates side only to see that she had been murdered and she is horrified by the writing on the wall which said in blood, “ Aren't You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light.”
4. The Hook

    Again, there are many versions of this legend, but we are going to talk about the most common one. A couple drove out late at night, to an alleyway called Lovers Lane. Hoping to hear some romantic music, they switched on the radio only to hear a news report of a mad men escaping from an asylum which was coincidently near Lovers Lane and he was a killer called the Hook Man who had a hook as a hand. The boy wasn’t worried at all, but the girl went hysterical and insisted they leave. When they reached the girls house, the boy got out of the car to open the door for his girlfriend but something caught his eye and left him stunned. His girlfriend was wondering what he was staring at so she rolled down the window and looked outside, only to see bloody steel hook attached to the door handle …

5. The Vanishing Hitchhiker

    The most common version of this story, is about a couple driving out of town very late at night. They needed to get somewhere quickly as they were already 2 hours late. While driving, they saw a scruffy looking girl with her hand out wanting a ride. The man insisted on ignoring the girl but the woman made him turn back to pick her up. The girl looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and she politely asked them for a ride to her house which wasn’t too far from here.Hey agreed and she sat in the back seat. The wife tried engaging with her, but it seemed that the hitchhiker had fallen asleep. When they arrived at her house, they realised that she had vanished from the car. An elderly couple then emerges out from the house. They asked why they were there, and the younger couple replied that a hitchhiker led them here, but then she vanished. The elderly couple then explained that the hitchhiker was their daughter, who was murdered a long time ago out on that same stretch of road they found her. Apparently her killer was never caught, and they said that her spirit may never rest until the killer is found.

6. The Licked Hand

    Do you ever feel scared at night and feel comforted by your pet? If you do, this may change your mind about it. A girl felt safe very night, when she put her had under her bed to get a reassuring lick from her dog. That night, she felt that something was strange, so as normal, she put her hand down and as got her normal lick. She instantly felt safe and went to bed. Little did she know was that she would be awoken soon to the sound of dripping only to discover her dog with its neck slit off in the cupboard and writing on the cupboard wall saying in blood, ‘Humans can lick too.’

7. The Clown Statue

    It was a normal night when the parents left their kids with the babysitter. As told, the babysitter gave them supper then tucked them in. She then went to the parents’ bedroom to watch TV, as according to the parents, watching downstairs would be too disturbing as the kids have been having nightmares. While walking in, she noticed a clown statue at the corner of the bedroom, she thought it was nothing and continued watching TV. While watching TV, she noticed that the clown changed positions very little, so then she decided to watch TV downstairs.

    She called the parents and asked them if she could watch TV downstairs as she was spooked out by the clown stature. Their dad did not respond for a second, but after that told her to get herself and the kids out of the house and that the police would be arriving shortly. She asked why and with fear in his voice, he said ‘ We don’t have a clown statue.’ As told, she grabbed both kids and ran out of the house. In shock, when she looked at the window from outside the house, she saw the clown; he was there for a second, then he walked away. The police arrived shortly and apparently, the clown was a convicted murderer who just escaped from prison. Before this incident, the kids have claimed to see a clown watching them sleep at night, the parents referred to them as nightmares.

8. The Call is Coming From Inside The House

    Another babysitting story, while babysitting, the young teenager got a call asking, “Have you checked on the kids?”. After getting it, she immediately ran up to check on the kids, who were sound asleep in their beds. After getting a few more calls, with jus breathing on the other line, she decided to call the police. A few minutes later, they called her back saying, “THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE”. Endings differ, in some she manages to get out with the kids safely after a few injuries from fighting the murderer. Some she didn’t even manage to get out. If you regular babysit and continue babysitting after reading this you deserve a standing ovation because we wouldn’t dare babysitting after reading these.

9. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue is another one of those urban legend games, where you actually have to try it out to see if it is real or not. Apparently, if you go in the bathroom and recite, “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times while placing your hands in a cradling position, you will start to feel and see a baby in your arms getting heavier and heavier. To survive this, you apparently have to flush the baby down the toilet and exit the bathroom as soon as possible. If you don’t do this, it is said that the baby’s mother will appear screaming at you to give her back her baby and she will kill you by scratching your eyes out. Since she has the same killing techniques as Bloody Mary, it is said that she is the mother and that she had killed her baby in the bathroom with shards from a mirror and now she takes revenge on whoever holds her baby.

10. Slenderman

    This legend must be common to most of you, but it is ranked number 10 because it is one of the most known ones, yet one of the most legends considered to be fake. Slender man apparently has been around before the humans and has been stalking humans ever since they have existed. There apparently have been wood carvings and hieroglyphics with him in them. He has apparently appeared in pictures of children in the background staring. The photographer claims he never edited it in, but you never know. He has no face, he wears a suit and he has tentacles; he looks horrifying. There is also a game where you collect 8 pages and the aim is to collect them all before Slenderman finds you. It is a completely spine tingling game which we do not suggest playing alone. Many people claim that they have seen him and that he is real, and a lot of people are completely terrified of him but we feel that if you choose not to believe, you will be completely fine. The real question is, is he real, and where is he now?

    Sot that’s all our urban legends, but remember, these are not to be taken lightly  because you never know what actually is going to happen. The games mentioned here are not to be done for fun and please do not try this at home, or even school, or anywhere. Anyways, we hope you enjoyed reading about these and Happy Halloween!


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