How Supernatural is Supernatural?

I believe in supernatural being supernatural.The question is to what extent is supernatural, supernatural? Before explaining my opinions, it is really important for us to understand the definition of supernatural. Meriam-Webster.com defines supernatural as ‘attributed to an invisible agent (as a ghost or a spirit). Many people perceive God as supernatural. I am one of those people. There are two types of people in this world: those who have faith in God and those who oppose the existence of God. Those who have faith in God are further divided into two: God fearing people and God loving people. Years back, I opposed God’s existence. Today, I would not repeat that same mistake. That is because I have stopped questioning who God is and instead replaced my enquiry with what is God. I have a religion I practice and I am not trying to say that I do not believe in God. I do, but instead of trying to know who the Eternal One is, I sense the radiance of abundant blessings. 

Things that we are unable to witness with our naked eyes, we consider them to be non- existent. Some believe the unseen and others start believing after seeing. Also, to not seem bias, I have decided to add parapsychological elements. Parapsychology is a branch of science that investigates the influence between living things and their external environment which goes beyond the limits of the known physical laws of nature. Parapsychology is supported by the aim ‘to create reality, consistently visualize them and affirm what you want to happen’. This is known as the Law of Attraction. Metaphysics is regarded as a study of philosophy which is responsible for the study of existence. Metaphysically, being a philosopher Spinoza has acclaimed that every possible substance necessarily exists. Moreover, God is the only possible substance. Universal Religion in metaphysics is a belief upheld by an individuals who claim that they are everything and that the universe resides within them. 

Practices of religion has become a social norm. This is evident from the calling of the Azan prayers, to the beating of the tablas, and ringing of the temple bells. I do not know what God looks like. But, I am certain that my prayers were listened to because miracles have been happening in my life. It gives me a sense of comfort and wellness that my problems will be solved and there is nothing I should be worried of. Hinduism is based on infinite manifestations of God, whilst Christianity is based on an infinite and personal God. Islam is a religion that is devoted to one transcendent God. There is no description of God available in religious books. Instead, only His deeds are mentioned.

I see God everywhere. God is only supernatural to the people who fail to sense His presence in front of him and claim they believe in Him. In fact, I was one of those people. Therefore, I believe that I see God in front of me. Right now, there are 7.2 billion Gods residing on this planet. Let us forget our religious differences because every religion has a God, but God did not specify His religion to us. God resides in our inner soul and the soul of others in front of you. In conclusion, something supernatural will be supernatural depending on what an individual is convinced by. It all depends on you. You can choose to create yourself or to destroy yourself. God is what gives me confidence and enhances my aura spiritually. Why find God in idols when you can find it in other beings and even yourself? Today, the greatest God for me is humanity. Let us all ‘idolize’ Him. God exists depending on the places you look for Him. 


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