Editor's Note: Global Issue

In the fast changing world we live in today, change is the only constant that can be found. Fresh ideas are discovered, new paths are paved and modern theories are being taught everyday. With this decade edging towards its second half, it is only fair that we move in the same pace. So now, it is SPARKS’ turn to evolve. With our September issue rolling in, we hope you will like what you read, - and hear - as we continue to drive this magazine for the better.

From this issue onward, SPARKS will introduce a new segment called Post-it Confessions. Essentially, the SPARKS team will generate a question every month in correspondence to the issue’s theme. This question will be broadcasted on our social media sites during the first week of the month. Consequently, our readers can answer the questions on a Post-it note, snap a picture and submit the picture to us via Twitter Direct Message or email (once our email is up and running). Appropriate submissions will then be published on SPARKS anonymously. We’re hoping to see some crazy and whacky stories! 

Despite the overwhelming amount of change occurring in our daily lives, some traditions never die. The globe still spins, yet the cultural spirits are not going anywhere to waste. No matter how developed Mexico City is, the Day of the Dead still lives as an annual ritual. Let SPARKS immerse you in various cultures around the globe with distinct perceptions of beauty, different palettes and many musical tastes.


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