Book Review: Paper Towns

  This summer, everyone is buzzing about the hit novel-turned-movie called Paper Towns. The book is written by the New York Times bestselling author, John Green, who also happens to be the author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars. John Green is no stranger to teens in this age and his books are always fast selling in bookstores worldwide.

  In my opinion, Paper Towns is an amazing book that is worth a read before you put on the movie. In this book, Quentin and Margo, who are neighbours, have an insane adventure one night when Margo suddenly turns up at Quentin’s window for help to pull off an insane yet well planned revenge plot. Margo is a popular girl in her school who never turns down an adventure. On the contrary, Quentin is classified as the reserved boy who prefers staying on the sidelines than being the centre of attention.

  The next day when Quentin goes to school, he realises that Margo has lived up to the mysteries she loves and soon disappear without a trace. I will save the rest of the plot for you to find out yourself, but I can assure you it is one roller coaster ride indeed. Paper Towns is not an ordinary book; none of the books by John Green are ordinary. Each of them have something so prominent that pulls readers in. This book, in particular, relates a lot to a typical teenager in high school. From boyfriends to future plans, the characters here face most of the problems the way a high schooler would, and in the most comical ways possib
  The book is a piece of literature not to be missed. The amount of metaphors used and the quotes worthy of extracting only display John Green’s talent. Amazing enough to be reread over and over again. Personally, the quotes get me through my days and give me motivation, and I am certain that I am not the only one. A lot of people have this book close to their hearts. 

  If you have the time, Paper Towns is a book that you should pick up and read. From personal experience, I was hooked to this book only after reading the first chapter. Even when I was so sleepy and yawning every few minutes, I had to allow myself to read for a little while longer. The book is very descriptive, but it still lets you use your imagination to create the most vivid pictures. I was at the edge of my bed for most of the time while reading.

  I would recommend this book to anyone who is in high school. It is worth sharing with other people as it covers a lot on our modern day problems. I would rate this book a full ten out of ten for its witty characters, moving plot and eloquent descriptions.

- Written by Namrata Gopwani.


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