Current Affairs: Pride Month!

As witnessed by the whole world just a few days back, same-sex marriage is now officially legalized in the whole nation of United States. The convenience that tops it all, is the life-changing decision made on Pride Month itself. In celebration of Pride Month 2015, the internet has been taking the world by storm, holding out competitions and sharing hashtags to celebrate this distinctive occasion. Recently, YouTube has created a video under the trend, #ProudToLove that features clips from popular video bloggers coming out of the closet through social media. It shows how widely the influence travels, and how greatly the decision from the Supreme Court has impacted.

 Instagram, another social media platform has also recently opened a competition to observe rainbow pride, named the Weekend Hashtag Project. This project is held every weekend for the entire month of June. Even Google has their homepage designed with a heart in colors of the rainbow, - an LGBT community emblem. This is definitely a memorable moment for the particular community as finally, the United States of America has legalized whatever they have struggled for over these years, that is the right to love. They have the right to love and express the feeling as much as any other people do.

 With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage bringing happiness to most parts of the world, people are also starting to recognize more of the gender spectrum, some even hiding and living in fear, still. To name a few, there are pansexuality, queer, asexuality, aromantic, and demisexual. USAToday has posted an article not long ago in regards to the lesser known side of the spectrum. One right has been achieved, what is next? The future only holds blank certainty, so we will just have to move along to find out which ink that will fill the blankness with its hues. 

 Take this moment acknowledge those who are still fighting for these rights because gender identification has been a big issue when growing up. Now a population of 325,127,634 gets to marry whomever they wish without the laws stopping and the discrimination depressing them. Perhaps in the future, we will see many more to come.


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