Why We Need Art

Art is an element that has the ability to move people everywhere. We get it from the past in works done decades or eras ago. We get it from the present where at this moment, people are creating art digitally by modern means. We do not know what the future holds, but it is surely set that art will continue to evolve timelessly as it knows no barriers. From the beauty of Mother Nature to coming machines, art is applicable in every sense, where it follows the trend and gracefully make its way in the drift. 

Our lives are often strongly influenced by works of art. We get inspiration from art. The emotions that pours from the soul are conveyed when expressing art. Some may not realise, but art is more than just its outer masterpiece. Perhaps some of the most common way of feeling, understanding and creating art is by channeling the inner feeling. This creates expressionistic artworks. The emotion travels far and wide, inviting people to a stillness that ironically screams so loud in its intensity.

Portraits are also a form of art. Today’s modern culture, however, has slightly tainted its artistry with a new form, called selfie. We use portraits and photography to show ourselves, to be perceived by others for whoever we wish to be. Sometimes this is a way to create a facade of who we are. We seem to make ourselves more of a higher standard. Another theory has stated that photography conveys the truth. An object is not to say real until it is photographed and proven. Even taking photos of whatever surrounding you is counted as art. Sacred simplicity framed, I must say. 

At times, art is the only way to truly express ourselves. Word expressions can be seen as art. The pen flies across the pages and only the truth lies behind the ink. Music and dancing are also art in its own structure. These two forms complement each other well and words too can be added in this mix. We express our inner soul with physical movements and create body language. We jump and we express. Our facial expressions and gesticulation are essential in this form. Drama, not to forget, is one more artistic form that should not be forgotten.
Without realising, art primarily helps us in everyday lives. We tend to find ourselves entertained by the sheer complexity and simplicity of it. Art adds an colourful spark to our lives that may be filled with factual dullness. Quoting from Roald Dahl,"Don’t worry about the bits you can’t understand. Sit back and allow the words to wash around you, like music."                     


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