Book List: Remedies For The Soul

When you are down in the dumps and feel as though you have lost your way in life, reach out to a book, a person’s best companion. Indeed, books are remedies for the soul, seeming to crawl into our lives with an intent to leave a great mark. So here, the 10 best books for curing the heart. Prepare to embark on a roller coaster of emotions after reading these books!

1. ’Chicken Soup’ Book Series
 Coming up at the top of our list is an international best-seller which has been around in the market for over two decades. This book series takes in 101 personal and inspirational stories in every book, which are all based on true events. There have been numerous volumes for the Chicken Soup series, each having a theme of their own. Aimed to citizens of all ages, these books mainly focus on helping struggling maturing teenagers, working adults and even senior citizens alike.

2. The Help
 The Help is a novel by Kathryn Stockett, which tackles the social problem of racism in the Southern region of America in the early 1960s. Aibileen is a kind-hearted black maid who is forced to accept and endure the discrimination between the whites and the blacks. Minny, her best friend, is also suffering in a similar situation, cutting out her trust in any of the whites. Later on, Skeeter comes into the picture. She is a promising young writer who is constantly on the hunt to unveil the truth. When she decides to write a book on the discrimination of black women working for white families, she puts herself in a fair amount of risk. How far will she go to publish her book, ‘The Help’?

3. My Sister’s Keeper 
Jodi Picoult’s 2004 novel is a remarkable journey on exploring one family’s struggle, having a terminally-ill member in the household. Kate Fitzgerald, the eldest sibling in the family, suffers from leukaemia and she needs to find an organ donor to stay alive. Anna Fitzgerald, her younger sister, is genetically engineered to posses the same genetic data with Kate. She mainly exists as a mere ‘donation bank’ to Kate. After the countless surgeries and organ donations that Anna has undergone, she finally has had enough. Anna refuses to be treated so unfairly with the belief that she too deserves the rights to live a normal and happy life, - much to her mother’s dismay. Watch the story unravel when young Anna hires a lawyer to sue her own family.

4. The Fault In Our Stars
 Okay? Okay. Staged like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet tragic love story, the incredible novel centres around two cancer patients, Augustus and Hazel. They fall madly in love with each other. The novel stands out of its calibre as it tackles the issue of severity cancer disease and its severity. It wakes readers with the value of life. When everything seems to be smooth sailing between the two love birds, their own physical condition gets in the of their restless souls. Will Augustus and Hazel ever achieve happiness for eternity?

5. Heaven Is For Real
 This astonishing story written by Todd Burpo is based on his true account about his son’s journey to heaven. It all started when one day, young Colton falls terribly sick and is immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors try to save him in all chaos and franticness, but tragically, Colton is already waiting at death’s door. When all hope seems to be lost, Colton miraculously wakes up from unconsciousness. He brings surprising news to the people around and claims that he has been to Heaven and met Jesus Christ. His amazing description of Heaven is definitely an eye-opener that will simply leave you speechless. 

6. Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limits 
 Nick Vujicic’s tale is a truly inspiring story that has won the hearts of millions. Nick is a crippled man who was born with no usual limbs. To most, this may seem like the worst downfall that has ever hit a being. However, Vujicic remains strong and he continues to work hard to leave a great impact on the world. His unwavering determination has now made him a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker whose words touch many hearts today. His story is definitely one you would not want to miss reading. “If you can’t get a miracle, become one.” - Nick Vujicic

7. It’s Kind of A Funny Story
 Relating to stereotypical teenage problems, It’s Kind of a Funny Story is the perfect book to read when you’re dealing with life’s unnerving pressures. Fifteen-year-old Craig Gilner is oppressed by stress and clinically depressed. When Craig is on the verge of committing suicide, he decides to seek professional medical help and goes to the hospital. The story unfolds as he is admitted to the mental ward, meeting patients there and begins to forge bonds with them. Will Craig be able to change his perception of life and cure his depression in the end?

8. Before I Fall
 Samantha Kingston has everything that she could ever ask for; a loving partner, caring best friends and the choice to live her life how she wants to. What could possibly go wrong? When it seemed like another fine day for Samantha, she unexpectedly dies and her whole life flashes before her eyes. She, however, wakes up one week before her death as a second chance to discover the true meaning of life. Here, readers learn there is more to life than statuses and fortune.

9. Helen Keller: The Story of My Life
 What is so amazing about Helen Keller, you may ask? Her book is an autobiography about her awe-inspiring life. She is all an author, political activist and lecturer who juggles life perfectly between her fingers. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she is blind and deaf? Her tale is an inspirational one as she proves that even her disabilities are not setbacks that restrict her from success. 

10. Wonder

 Auggie Pullman is a ten-year-old boy who has had a hideous and disfigured face ever since he was an infant. Because of this, he has been home-schooled by his mother until one day, when she decides to send him to a private school. There, he is shunned out for his looks. Only a boy, Jack, is willing to befriend him. Auggie is content with his school life until one day when he overhears that Jack doesn’t exactly to be friends with him anymore. This drifts their relationship further apart and poor Auggie is even desperate to be home-schooled again. Will he ever be accepted in the society?

By: Alicia Koh and Michellejeet




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