A Movie List to Beat the Blues

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Ever recall a time when you tried to brainstorm ways of faking sick so that your parents wouldn't make you go to school?  Ferris Bueller sure did! He then persuaded his best friend, Cameron, and his girlfriend to join the ride, - in nothing else than Cameron's father’s beloved Ferrari. The adventure keeps you entertained, from singing on a parade float to pretending to be the sausage King of Chicago, it’s truly one of the great cures to put you out of Monday blues. 

2. John Tucker Must Die
It is a hilarious must see for comedy lovers! Portraying what an average teen would dream of doing to someone who played with their heart, this romantic comedy is filled with many confusions that keep you giggling throughout. A story fuelled on the line ‘don’t get mad, get even’, many shots at ruining John Tuckers life are fired, and he doesn’t even realise it! This movie is one you will enjoy, whether alone or with big company. 

3. Mamma Mia 
What happens when a girl decided to send out wedding invites to her three possible dads? This movie will not fail to cheer you up with exciting dance numbers, creative characters with a very comedic script. It is a musical love story where songs sung are emotional, fun and will put you out of your funk! It is also everything a good movie needs: the right actors, the right music, the right plot, and the right style.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You
Now, this is one of my personal favourites. A boy wants to go out with a girl. The girl cannot date because her father will not let her date until her sister dates. The boy finds a solution but the girl is actually interested in another boy. This is a modern and comedic twist on the famous Shakespeare play entitled, ‘the taming of the shrew’. This movie is guaranteed to make you cry, smile and laugh. After all - Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger make a couple to root for- who doesn't love a good love story? 

One of the greatest musical comedies out there, it is one of the movies that symbolise the 90’s. It is a legendary movie with enthusiastically performed songs, carefully chosen actors, and costumes which would be a dream to wear. A love story revolving around a rebel without a cause and little miss innocent, treated with vintage cinema dates and dance numbers about it - trust me, you can’t miss this one. This movie makes you have a great night and leaves you with the songs playing over and over again in your head!

6. Hairspray
This is a light and edgy film with one of its more serious themes being one such as expelling racism. It touches segregation while maintaining the upbeat dance numbers and the up lifting message: you can express yourself no matter what. Centred around a girl who wants to join her favourite dance TV show, this film is an absolute joy to watch after a tiring day. Hairspray is a film that will stick with you. You would feel like you knew the characters as you watch their personalities develop.

7. 21 Jump Street 
This hilarious movie follows Shmidt and Jenko who pose as high school students to infiltrate a gang of drug dealers. They were enemies in high school but when they meet again in the police academy, the pair use their talents to their advantage. After they both graduate, they see a gang of bikers breaking the law. They then proceed to chase down the bikers and arrest them but forget to read them their rights. After this fiasco they are demoted and sent to a special program called Twenty-One Jump Street.

8 . She’s The Man
This is a witty, side-splitting comedy based on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” While her twin brother is in London, Viola disguises herself as him. She attends his school, joins the boys’ soccer team, to prove that girls can play it just as good as boys can and struggles to control her feelings for her roommate Duke. She discovers the challenges of love and high school when you are a girl disguised as a guy. If you are having had a bad day, will surely pull a laugh out of you. 

9. The Breakfast Club
The ’80s were a time of movie magic, and even then, this movie stood out. The movie’s plot is simple: What would happen if five people from different groups of the high school scene (the popular girl, the geek, the jock, the bad boy and the loner) were forced to spend a Saturday together in detention? These five strangers begin the day with nothing in common, each bound to his/her place in the high school social system. Yet the students bond together as the day goes by realise that they have more in common than they may think.

10.Despicable Me

An action-filled movie with surprises lurking at every corner, will not fail to touch your heart. A criminal mastermind has stolen one of the pyramids in Egypt, sparking a fit of jealousy in evil genius. Armed with the knowledge that his nemesis has a sweet tooth, Gru adopts three cookie-selling orphans and commissions a new line of cookie robots from the evil Dr. Nefario. But as Gru prepares to carry out the biggest heist in history, he discovers that the three little girls who have come into his life are much more than simple pawns. They care about Gru, and it turns out he makes a pretty good father figure. 


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