'Stereotypical' Girls

Ladies first, - sound familiar? This phrase, famously used as a gentleman’s key to a woman’s heart, may imply in a literal sense that ladies have the upper hand to go first. In reality, sadly however, this is far from the case. If we keep up with the worldly events today, no doubt will a question pop into our minds; when are women, in all aspects, the priority in the present society? To add to it, when are women ever given freedom of choice, or freedom speech without being harshly criticised? The answer is never, as tragic as this sounds. Why? Simply because men are viewed as more capable than us women, and hence leads to a concept, called master gender. Besides, who are we, to defy the rights of this seemingly clever idea.

 This may come across as appalling but I am merely stating the plain truth. Females are expected to listen to the opposite gender without any objections, having no say in their future. In society’s eyes, the perfect woman is more than often a stay-at-home mom, having obediently to take care of her children. All the while, her husband is off to work to pursue the career of his dreams, plainly because he is a man. Since the olden days, education were neglected for women and mandatory for men. Furthermore, a woman is expected to get married as soon as they hit puberty, and waste their youth, - all for satisfying the needs of men. We are not breeding machines at mens’ mercy and convenience. We have all the rights to have dreams and to achieve them, living life freely.

 What’s more, girls are rendered to be soft and feminine. Our rooms are decorated with pink ornaments, our closets are repleted with cute frilly dresses, and stereotypical Barbie dolls and cooking sets are placed in the corner of the room. This all started from the moment of birth. This is the beginning of forming the conventional image of a woman, without realising. Girls, no matter how young, should not be limited to domestic activities such as sewing and cooking. We cannot be labelled inferior no more. We can be tough and rough, for all we care! Girls have all the right to seize all the wonderful things that the world has to offer. Let us out of that tiny confining box, so we can have a chance to live too.

 To all the women, always stay true to your heart. Overcome whatever that lies ahead with fortitude, keep moving forward and don’t ever underestimate your own abilities. Let’s all escape the circle of this stereotype together. What men are able to do, women can do it twice as better. As quoted by Mulan, “My duty is to follow my heart”. That is exactly what all women should do.

By: Alicia Koh and Michellejeet


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