Ladies of Literature

It is safe to say that literature accounts as a strong point in human civilisation. Every individual, from every walk of life, reads. We are often influenced by characters, undoubtedly including female ones. The main female protagonists of Literature are commonly strong heroines that young girls idolise. This field often features strong motherly characters such as Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series and powerful strong female protagonist such as Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games. We look up to these strong and impactful ladies in such awe. Believe it or not, they embody a physical representation of International Women’s Day.

Reading is an everyday part of life, not bounded by the language nor situation. Literature, however, carries a unique form of style of conveying its stories. Most forms of literature, including legends and myths, are passed down from one generation to another. Ladies of literature do not abide to stereotypes. Some women are jovial spirited, and some may appear gloomy. These two traits may be contradicting, but when we think of it, don’t all women uphold equal strength? 

Books are a fundamental and an influential part of our lives. It can be a saving source in studying for finals, or it could your only haven of pleasure. Books can bring out every fragment of emotion possible to possess, from laughing one minute to crying the next. If you indulge in reading, the amount of knowledge possible to gain is infinite. Today, reading skills have become essential in schools globally. It is evident that, from filling in school forms to catching upon the news, a child as young as 3 should start to master this skill. Since kindergarten, we have been pressured to know the ABC’s by heart.

Nowadays, it is extremely common for authors to illustrate strong and powerful women. Be it a fictional character, or the lady behind the ink and the paper, they all represent resilient women of this world. In commemoration with International Women’s Day, let us all appreciate the fine, fierce ladies who went beyond limits to achieve greatness; especially of those in literature.


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