Defending Our Countries

  In the modern century today, it is puzzling how we still are yet to see many female leaders dominating as greatly as male leaders. It is rare for women to take charge and have the final say in any influential affair. As upsetting as this may sound, women are underestimated and looked down upon in many aspects, - despite it being the 21st century, where gender inequality is purportedly demolished. Little to none of the ministers in this country itself are women, much less of the ones ruling a nation. Are women incapable of handling responsibilities as heavy as men? Absolutely not. So, wouldn’t it feel relieving to see more women being heavily involved in the political games they thought only men can play?

  Women are much more skilful beyond the domestic drudgeries of cooking and knitting. Women are intelligent individuals, and yet, they are often ridiculed to conventional images that are screened by the media. This is only one of the outcomes of an issue, called gender inequality. As this is only growing more concern, the UN has made a movement to cease this predicament once and for all. The #HeforShe campaign that is primarily run by the UN Women’s Council is one that fights for equal rights between the two genders.

  In some countries, the female descendants of royalties are the closest to a female ruler there is. Gender inequality is not only a sparking cause, but it is also the complicated consequences that arise. How are female rights established if only men are allowed to lead a community? What’s worse, some Middle Eastern countries forbid women from even participating in national elections. This injustice should not be practised. Women should have the right to contribute to their country’s future, even in the simplest form.

  Moving to a violent activity that all countries greatly take account of, the role of women in turbulent times of war seems completely helpless. In these times, women are seldom thrown onto the battlefield to fight for their country. Instead, they work behind military camps to cook and provide care for the army. If things were to change, everybody would be surprised by the number of women willing to volunteer and protect their nation. As a matter of fact, a report once showed that a female military camp is more strenuous, compared to the regular male encampment.

  All the difficulties women face today roots to gender inequality. This biased mindset of tough and resilient men, soft and fragile women needs to be obliterated. For equality to happen, mere campaigns will not do any justice. Women ourselves need to prove to society on our potential to mark our names in the leading realms. No, this is not plain girl power with frills and laces on our dresses; there is more to that. This is about earning our well deserved rights.

- Written by Namrata Gopwani and Maryam Soraya.


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