Evolution of God's Worship

I was kept under an illusion all my life. Being surrounded by different religions from a young age only lead to confusion on which God to worship. I once wondered, “If there really is one God, then why are there so many statues of God bearing different names?”. The innocent little girl that I once was refused to believe that there was only one God. Religion has divided us so cruelly that discrimination is unfortunately an ordinary part of our daily lives. This has always set us apart, school registration forms to work applications.

Each time I go to a temple, I see many poverty-stricken beggars outside imploring for anything they can get their hands on. Many heartless devotees notice, but simply ignore them, saying God would be furious with his devotees for not offering the donations to Him. I was shocked to hear such a reply as they have forgotten that all religions preach humanity. God created us as equals; a heart to love and unite. There is no need for judgement.  

From my personal view, all these worshipping grounds do serve as a community service. I have been to a mosque once and witnessed the kind gestures the people there carry out. I have visited the Hindu temples and have seen devotees offering small gifts. A boy once asked for some fruits from the temple but the priest lectured him of the ‘temple’s policy’ and how fruits given to God should not be given to mere humans. Ironically, I noticed that the milk that is supposedly offered to God always ends up in the gutter. Then, it struck me; the candles lit up in churches could be used to light someone’s house, and the blankets offered in temples could be the only protection for homeless people from the cold. These places go far beyond their religious purposes to be human.

There are two movies entitled ‘P.K.’ and ‘Oh My God’ that have caught people’s attention pertaining this issue. Today, majority believes that we should change perceptions and not be blinded by the discrimination that has been going on in our world. Let us all try to be humane and look beyond the belief systems of individuals. Yes, I am aware that many would oppose my opinion by labelling me as an atheist. Well, I am not. I do have faith in my religion but I also have the right mind to be humane. I believe that I am doing the right thing in the name of my religion and I hope you are as well. Of course, you are free to follow your own beliefs but I am just trying to convey that we are all the same and humanity must be instilled in our souls. Do not be afraid of people who spread fear in the name of God. Some people are only using God’s name solely as an investment in their business. Today, religious institutions have become places for priests to operate business and blind the public who unknowingly invest into this business. We must stop this at all costs. I can only hope that there will come a time when there will be an end to this.


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