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Are you satisfied with the current technology that revolves around us? It is a proven fact that technology has benefitted mankind in many ways, but is it enough? Are we able to further develop and improve the flawless technology at hand?  Well, as the saying goes, nothing is impossible.

Years ago, our ancestors thought that the invention of a wireless device capable of world-wide communication was impossible and even belittled the ones who believed in this idea. However, take a look at our world today, what do you see? A world repleted with smartphones, laptops and tablets. What was then thought to be illogical, is now a leading trend. So, it obviously can’t stop here. To what extent and how can the gadgets we use today be enhanced?

Let’s start the ball rolling by talking about the under-appreciated spectacles. There is nothing worse than your spectacles falling off when doing vigorous activities or when your lenses get condensed and the world is literally a blur? Well, we have contact lenses for a reason but just imagine what lies beyond that. Imagine the day spectacles could be a mere chip engraved in our brains, that wouldn't get in our way when doing daily chores! The wonder doesn't just stop there, what if we could adjust the power of our spectacles to our liking at ease? Just one click of a button to modify the power according to our retinal requirement.

Continuing, I am positive that most of you have been to an airport. If not, I am sure you have at least heard of the tedious custom and baggage check system. This system is efficient as it not only prevents illegal immigrants or substance from entering a country but it also investigates possible threats. However, truth to be spoken, this process takes a long time and why wait at the airport pointlessly when we could be doing other beneficial tasks? How can we make this system better? Well, we can invent a lightning-fast scanner which can inspect our luggage in an instant. When the luggage is scanned, the image would be of a 6-D animation and it should be able to scan the prohibited items, which are always hidden under or in between clothes. To make this airport system more effective, we can also input a palm scanner as everyone has different palm lines and shapes. By doing this, we are able to check every single person to ensure that not a single stone is left unturned. 

Last but not least, we are going to discuss everyone’s most loved gadget, the smartphone. The smartphone has become an essential need of our generation and one can easily say it is almost impossible to live without it. However, before I continue, I would like to ask you how much money you have spent on phone repairs or replacements? Well, who can blame us? It is human nature to be careless, which involves unintentionally dropping and damaging our phones. The main problem here is that we spend too much money buying or repairing phones that it makes us questions if it is really worth our money. Our solution is to create a sturdy yet light and hi-tech phone which would be able to withstand 100m of water for long periods and survive a height drop of 50 feet. A Nokia in disguise. Even better, how about having a hologram phone that is etched onto your body? By then, we wouldn't have to worry about damaging our phones at all.

The examples that we pointed out were just a few of the countless gadgets that can be improved. In a nutshell, technology is constantly evolving and will keep on doing so through the years. Without a doubt, the human race is also evolving by the second. I truly believe that by the current progression rate, these impossible theories may be achievable if we continue thriving and moving forward. All we need is a little imagination and the courage to fully utilise the boundless limits of the human brain.

Written by Alicia Koh and Michellejeet 

Thank you.


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