The Effect of Mantra on Society

We are all aware of the existence of the ‘Aum’, but we are not so familiar with the significance of these myriad mantras. The ‘Aum’ is considered the first primordial sound of the universe. These ancient sounds create energy vibrations that can replace negative energy with positive ones.

First off, what are mantras? Mantras are energy-based sounds repeated constantly during meditation, starting off loudly but gradually drifting into silence as your state of consciousness changes. The word ‘mantra’ is actually a compound word in Sanskrit : ‘man’ meaning 'to think' and ‘tra’ meaning 'to free oneself from this phenomenal world’. 

Mantras exist in most religions. For instance, Ave Marie is a common mantra chanted by Christians. A renowned Tibetan mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, is chanted to acquire world peace. When chanting mantras, the chanter benefits from several years of powerful energy accumulated from the Supreme One and from the millions of devoted chanters. 

Mantras are sculpted in the form of praises and appeals to the deities, craving for help and mercy. Some mantras even control and command evil spirits. Mantras were chanted by sages during their penance and it was quoted in history how the usage of mantras had actually granted them their requests. Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence to prove the strength of mantras. Many scientists have acknowledged that mantra is an art of pseudoscience and actually has the strength to cause natural phenomenons such as rain, tsunami or drought.

There was once a famous actress from India who had retired during the peak of her career. She was a rising star and her retirement was a shock as she still had so much to offer to the film industry. When asked why she decided to take this drastic turn in her career path, the tears falling from her eyes spoke louder than the words falling from her lips. The truth was strangling her from the inside and she could sense negative spirits haunting her. In hopes that freeing the truth would free her home from the negative spirits, she begun her explanation. She explained that she had an affair with her best friend’s husband. At this time, her best friend was a famous singer. When her best friend found out about the affair, the singer was heart-broken and furious. While recording a song for her upcoming album, the singer let out her negative energy through her singing. Suddenly, a voracious fire was ignited and as she kept singing the song, the fire grew wilder and wilder. 

Many have regarded it as an unfortunate incident but the actress couldn’t help but keep herself up late at night wondering how it happened as there was no sign of anything that could have started the fire. The day after she had confessed this, the actresses house was turned into ashes and she was found buried in dust holding the score to her late best friend’s song. From hearing this story, I became a firm believer of the existence of such energies. 

A mantra can make the impossible possible and can change an unfavorable situation into a favorable one. A mantra changes energy based on what an individual is experiencing to an end result of positive energy regardless of the form of energy it may have been before. It is highly recommended to visit the ‘Lands of Spirituality' which include countries such as Nepal, India and Sri Lanka if you wish to go into further depths of understanding the art of mantras. Namaste. 


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