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We all know how tough it is to dress for winter, how hard it is trying to wear all those layers while still looking fashionable. We know how you feel, so to avoid a fashion faux pas this winter, we have compiled a few looks that may just save you this holiday season.

Simple yet stylish:

This outfit is suitable for outings with frequent transitions from cold to hot. Why? Well, simply because you can remove your coat and scarf to reveal your adorable dress the second you step indoors. Once you have to brave the cold again, just slip your jacket back on. Hassle-free!

Comfy in white:

To camouflage with the winter spirit, this all-white outfit is perfect for Christmas gatherings especially since it’s sophisticated yet comfortable and will definitely keep you nice and toasty. 

Sweaters and Scarves:

If you’re heading out for a movie with the girls, don’t forget your sweater! Add a circle scarf of the same colour as your jacket or, for the more daring, try out colour blocking. For a cute final touch, throw in a handbag from the same colour palette as your circle scarf.

Preppy in fuzz: 

This look is perfect for spending the day outdoors. A thick sweater underneath the warm coat paired with a  cute fuzzy hat. Layer those leg warmers with your shoes and voila! The entire outfit incorporates different shades of brown except the hat. The hat serves as the pop to the outfit.

No Snow Day:

                            ( Source: http://www.elle.com/cm/elle/images/9A/1-29.jpg)

If it isn’t snowing or raining, cardigans should be enough to keep you warm. If it’s too cold, add in a scarf, a hat and boots to finish the outfit. This look is highly recommended when winter is coming to an end and the weather isn’t too harsh anymore.

Rocking that red:

This coat isn’t only striking and stunning, but it is also keep your extremities warm : the hood to cover your head plus ears and the black lined pockets to keep you fingers nice and warm.

Comfy and Cute:

This is perfect for a snowy day since the coat is lined with faux fur on the inside and is water durable on the outside. That cute, fuzzy hat will keep your head warm enough for the day. The coat is the only article of clothing that isn’t black, serving as the main focus of the outfit.

A trip to the park: 

One of the Queens of YouTube, Zoella is working the tweed jacket over that wool shirt look. The leather leggings she is rocking in the picture above are not only warm, but go with everything. The colour of her beanie really brings out the ombre layers of her hair.

Layered patterns:

Another Queen of YouTube, Bethany Mota, is wearing clothes from her own clothing line. When wearing patterned leggings, it’s best to wear a solid top. Again, circle scarves and boots would keep you warm enough for the day.

I hope that you have gotten a lot of fashion inspiration from the pictures above. Now, you’re ready to build a snowman in style.
Compiled by Namrata Gopwani and Maryam Soraya


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