Nature: Our First Love

The beauty of nature is astounding. It is no wonder that people from all walks of life come to the park to admire the green and brown creations. The lovely sight either brings joy and sparks wonder to the little ones that run around, always easily amused by what they deem as a rarity of the nature; or the view that carries a calming tide of inner peace, reminding the old man who is sitting on the park bench of his frivolity as a youth, once upon a time. Now, are all these expressions - delight, awe and tranquility - not signs of love? If you feel that it isn't, then oh dear, I pray that you will live long enough to experience this heart warming feeling because the love we possess for nature is what makes life truly worth living. 

  The affection we feel for nature is something we do not feel for other beings; it is everlasting and everywhere. We may not notice this because our idea of nature is mostly visions of greeneries with a crystal blue lake as clear as the sunny sky. But get up, look around and you will find this wonderful phenomena has been surrounding you all this while, yet to be explored. 

  It seems that there needs to be a constant reminder for everyone to love and to feel loved; and that reminder comes in the form of fresh air, lush greeneries and even starry skies. Whether we realise it or not, people often feel the need to ‘go out and get some fresh air’ whenever they get into a heated situation. In other terms, one needs nature to be human again. We long for a sense of security, a normality that hides behind the variety of nature to feel sane. It is almost the same need of having someone’s arms wrapped around you and reassuring you that everything will be alright; except this time, neither arms nor words are needed to feel the same way. Isn’t that just unbelievably incredible? 

  Save your badgers for another time because you cannot possibly argue with the veracity of these words when I say that loving nature comes naturally. Do you not remember when you were a toddler, still struggling to balance on your two feet, when your eyes were glued to the small butterfly that flew around the backyard and not your phone screen? Do you feel the same rush of pleasure surging inside of you when you play minecraft as you did when you played in the rain? Now, we may be content living in a concrete jungle, but nothing can compare to the intimacy and tenderness nature provides. A love no other living could render. After all, as the saying goes, our first love will always stick with us forever.

Written by Fildzah Farhana


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