Indoors vs Outdoors

Firstly, let me begin by asking a personal question to all you readers out there! Would you rather spend your time indoors or outdoors? Let’s be honest. Most of you would probably choose to stay indoors. Why so? This issue has been debated throughout the years and nobody has ever come up with an absolute solution to this matter. However, do not fret as we have a possible answer to this matter.

Room sweet room. The joy of being in your cozy bed, rolled up in a burrito, with your laptop and a bowl of chips by your side. Feels like heaven, doesn’t it? It’s hard to deny the fact that all of us find it difficult to resist the temptation of our alluring beds. It really isn’t our fault, we are currently living in the age of technology! Over the years, new technology and devices have been developed. We have gradually become addicted to and dependent on these luxuries. This is why we have become lazier, more attached to our devices and tend to isolate ourselves from the "outside" world.
On top of that, people also prefer staying indoors because they want to simply escape from the heat rays of the scorching sun. This may sound ridiculous but it is proven to be true. In some rare cases, a few people may even go to the extent of completely refusing to leave their homes. 
Enough dwelling on the beauty of staying indoors, now let’s embark on a virtual journey to explore the beauty of the "outside world". Running through a field, breathing in the refreshing air while enjoying the splendour of God’s creations. Nature is soup for the soul and honey for the eyes. Spending time outdoors can also put us in deep relaxation, hence allowing all of our stress and worries to just fade away into oblivion.

In addition to that, we can also become more active by playing and exercising outdoors. People are prone to sweating whenever they exercise, this can help get rid of the toxic wastes in our body. By doing this, we can strengthen our immune system and this helps us prevent viruses from attacking our bodies. We can develop healthy skin when we are exposed to the morning sun, which is rich in Vitamin D. Besides that, it is scientifically proven that people who have a darker skin tone have more melanin in their body. Melanin prevents the body from absorbing UV rays which can cause skin cancer.

We can also kill two birds with one stone when we spend time outdoors with our families or friends. Not only can we improve our health, we can also strengthen our bonds amongst each other. By being closer to our family or friends, we can release our stress and build a stronger relationship.

In a nutshell, there is no definite answer for this argument and it actually depends on a person’s perspective. In order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we must learn the preponderance of knowing how to delegate our time equally to both the indoor and outdoor lifestyles. 

By: Alicia Koh and Sharel Chong


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