Outfits To Fall For

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time for us to get ready for this fashionable season. We have set up four looks and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.

Ever wanted to go out on an autumn day wearing simple-looking yet stylish clothing while having comfort at the same time? Here are a few looks that you can easily get from your wardrobe or from your local brand outlets.

Sweater Weather
Yes, today, sweaters have become a favourite to most in the community. Sweaters are no longer just a basic item, it can now be seen as fashion statement. One can pair sweaters with jeans, skirts, shorts or even tights!


(LEFT http://www.pinterest.com/pin/151011393730710753/, RIGHT http://newyorkfashionweek.com/)

Sweaters have become a stylish yet comfortable piece of clothing over the past decade. Today, you can find them in even the most expensive fashion outlets in the world.

A simple look that anyone can pull off is:
A sweater of your choice, with a pair of pants (that would match the colour of your sweater, of course), a pair of shoes or boots and a scarf, to top it off.

Sweaters, Average Retail Stores (MYR 10 ~ 30), Pants, Average Retail Stores (MYR 10 ~ 30), Scarves, H&M (MYR 10 ~ 20), Shoes, Brand Outlet Store (MYR 49.90)

Dress to Impress
Of course, if you are not into wearing pants and sweaters, you can always wear dresses. Casual fall dresses are also popular in not only temperate countries, but all over the world.

As shown above, you can pair your dress with a cardigan or jacket with a pair of shoes or boots. If you are a feeling peachy, add in a scarf or a piece of headwear, to show more volume in your outfit. It’s as simple as that.

Skater Dress, H&M / TopShop / Cotton On (MYR 30 ~ 70), Cardigan, H&M / TopShop / Cotton On (MYR 20 ~ 50), Flats, H&M / Cotton On (MYR 10 ~ 30)

From the clothes straight out your wardrobe, transform yourself into the more sophisticated and edgy side of you with a few looks that we’ve put together. For those who do not own certain clothing pieces and are willing to pay a slightly higher price than basic clothing, the list of clothes are slightly more expensive than the Back To School looks, according to fashion outlet stores in Malaysia.

This outfit of black and white is inspired by a mix of American Horror Story's Zoe Benson which was portrayed by Taissa Farmiga in the year 2013 and an outfit that was worn by Polish fashion blogger, Katarzyna Tusk. A simple yet edgy and chic look that will surely cause a spotlight to be lit on you.


(LEFT http://weheartit.com/entry/140328981/via/sashawyaatt?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=image_share&utm_source=tumblr, RIGHT http://www.makelifeeasier.pl/moda/look-of-the-day-42)

Ready for a supreme makeover? We will start with a fitted leather jacket with a fit and flare dress. This juxtaposes the grittiness of a leather jacket with the delicateness of a dress. A tip for catching the attention of others is to make sure that when you have a dark colour such as black for a leather jacket, your dress should be a lighter colour or have a patterned texture. For headwear, we will have the felt wide-brim hat, to give the outfit more flare. Finally, footwear to match this outfit would be a pair of lace-up boots, to express a more edgy look.

Leather Jacket, H&M (MYR 100 ~ 150), Black and White Striped Fit & Flare Dress, Debenhams (MYR 100 ~ 200), Felt Wide-Brim Hat, H&M (MYR 40 ~ 60), Lace-up Boots, witxhlabel (MYR 55)

You may even choose to lose the leather jacket, which can help to make it look simpler and more comfortable.

(ABOVE http://weheartit.com/entry/141001349?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=image_share&utm_source=tumblr)

As If!
This outfit I've put together is inspired by Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) outfits in the motion picture, Clueless. Charlett “Cher” Horowitz’s sense of fashion has influenced a variety of young adults since the release of Clueless in the year 1995. The latest fashion take would of course be Iggy Azalea’s music video for her hit, Fancy, which was fully inspired by school scenes from Clueless.


If you’re feeling clueless about this Clueless inspired outfit, we will start off here: you will need a wool coat over any top of your choosing to keep warm. The length of the skirt should be right above the knees. You may wear a pencil skirt or a skater skirt with thick tights or knee socks for warmth. A great tip for more variation in your outfit is to have a coat with a patterned texture matched with a plain skirt, which helps to bring out more pizazz. For headwear; a knitted beret or a felt wide brim hat. Footwear chelsea boots or any ankle high laced shoes.

Plaid Wool Jacket, Zara (MYR 150 ~ 300), Knee High Socks, Sox World (MYR 5 ~ 10), Knitted Beret (MYR 10 ~ 15), Chelsea Boots, H&M (MYR 50 ~ 80), Skater Skirt, Cotton On (MYR 20 ~ 40)

You go, girl!


(ABOVE http://www.gifbase.com/gif/4794)

Compiled by Mia Sara Shauki and Siti Sarah Feizal Nor




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