Jamie Madrox-The multiple man

“Bizarre. The more dupes I created, the more it "thinned out" Locke's control, until I finally broke free. And all these Hydra agents dead...because of me. Frightening. But the most frightening thing of all...is that I don't feel anything. No regret .No horror. No elation. Just...empty. And that's bad. Very…very…bad.” -  Jamie Madrox

An introduction is first needed.(Of course!Cause then we won’t know who he is)

Jamie Madrox, also known as the Multiple Man, is a fictional character back in 1975, who first appeared in the Giant Size Fantastic four. He had many supporting and minor roles until miniseries Fallen Angels in 1897 that gave him fame. He also appeared in film and game adaptions, especially in the 2006 film: X-men:The Last Stand.

What is the ACTUAL story of Jamie Madrox?

Now lets start!
During his youth, he was born(still human by the way!) into a family near the Los Alamos research facility in New Mexico.(things happens!) Don’t know why, the background radiation of the facility MAY have stimulated his mutation. When Madrox(his surname!)was born, the doctor’s slap caused him to multiply into two identical babies (MAGIC!). Which is why, Professor Charles Xavier, a friend of Madrox’s family, suggested them to raise baby Madrox in privacy in Kansas . Also, Dr.Daniel Madrox, Jamie’s dad, invented a suit, which absorbs kinetic anergy, to prevent Jamie from duplicating.

Later, Damian Tryp ( a bad guy…) said he would take care of Jamie, but his parents refused to give up on him .When Jamie was fifteen, his parents was killed by a tornado caused by Damian(Karma!), and Jamie had to run the farm by himself with his fellow duplicates until his suit damaged.(What even….)

Then, Madrox, went to New York City for help when he meets Mister Fantastic of Fantastic four. Following the battle with Proteus, who hijacked Madrox but no harm had happened,  Jamie was asked to join X-Men but he declined.(Come on! Why didn’t you!You’re lucky to be invited but you threw it away!It was once in a lifetime Jamie!)(You know, his name actually sound like a girl, haha, just joking by the way.)

In the end, Jamie joins the crew: Fallen Angels.(For god knows why!)There’s still more but I don’t want to spoil it. Read the comics or watch the movie by yourself.For me, I find that Jamie is an interesting character.Who wouldn’t want duplicates in your house.It will be fun to take turns to go to school everyday.Right? 

Anyway, not much to say here. Peace Out girls!


  1. Yes i know about this man its history. Thank you very much for remember me about this.




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