Editor's Note : Hide and Seek

Sparks is here once again with our new theme; ‘Hide and Seek.’ As we all know Halloween is celebrated in the month of October and therefore, we are here to take you through a journey filled with intensified spookiness and thriller. As a brief information, Halloween is widely celebrated in many countries’ where people dress up as their desired character. We are here to portray this fun and spine-chilling event through various types of articles. Our creative and exciting articles will definitely bring you to the edge of your seat.

Besides making Halloween even more spine-tingling than imagined, we are also raising awareness for breast cancer as breast cancer week is in the month of October. Breast cancer is most common among women and most of them are currently facing this condition. Therefore, Sparks is here to address this matter and help raise awareness prior to this issue. Let’s celebrate this year’s Halloween like never before and definitely raising awareness for breast cancer. Stay tuned for our amazing articles. 




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