In conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day and of course as a start of a new academic year, as a nation and as a student, here are the five mantras to be acquiesce in life.
F- Frugality
O- Optimism
C- Congenial
U- Unity
S - Steadfastness & Selflessness
F- Frugality: the quality of being prudent in saving.
Our community is poised at the brink of a severe destruction due to the acquisitive act of having money, power and status. Humans have risk consigning the future due to the frailty of being egocentric and ensconced in our own comfort zones not knowing the lest of this situation. In general, the surplus resources we have or the opportunities or authority that are given to us should not be taken for granted. Therefore as a whole, frugality should be a virtue to be uphold.
O – Optimism  :  hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
Optimism, a conscious focus on developing magnificent and splendid things in life. Well, as individuals who encounter daily challenges in life which can be as simple as meeting other individuals, we are inclined to find certain imperfections about ourselves. For instance, discolouration, a certain deficiency or just any adequacy physically and mentally. This could bring down a person’s self esteem. Therefore, we should be more buoyant by being grateful for what we already possess and to definitely  hope for the better. Take for example, although we have failed miserably in our major examination, it is never too late to wake up and strive for the betterment in life. 
C- Congenial: pleasing in nature or character.
We all have a certain vision or goal in life. It does not have to be same with all the other individuals. We don’t specifically need to have great status or proficiency to be a congenial individual; it comes naturally. All of us are of high calibers, it is just the matter of us being constrained in that one shell. The whole community would be able to witness and lead a peaceful world which is free of violence, poverty and evil only if all of us view the world in the same way. It is always said that a person’s behaviour depends on how well you treat one another. If we start treating one another maturely and considerately, there would be a better chance of us reducing the endless problems in our world.
U- Unity
Unity, a word that have been always misconceived in our community. It is often seen in articles of newspapers and in digital realms such as the television or on our smart phones. We are all in this together and we  are  all “one”. We are like the poker cards, where one card that falls can provoke the rest of the cards to collapse. We should be working hand-in-hand in the search of finding a way to enhance communication and collaboration. If there is teamwork, nothing is impossible. In this case, if there is unity and collaboration, we can achieve wonders. 
S- Steadfastness and Selflessness
We all have aspirations to be successful individuals. However as goals and achievements start drifting off, we tend to divert our path every now and then. In that case, these two words “ Steadfastness and Selflessness” can aid us to attain our goals in the face of hardships. In our world, where our problems are as diverse as we are, selflessness is not requisite to solve every of our problems; therefore steadfastness comes into the picture. We should not only be able to show our generosity but we should also be the ones that are reliable.
Subsequently, let us all be focus and affirmative in achieving F.O.C.U.S


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