Editor's Note: Cliché Issue

"My fear now is of  cliché, of  complacency, of not being able to feel  authenticity in myself and those around me"
- John Hawkes

Many youngsters today grunt in irritation as they wonder why Love Actually is still a movie adults make a Christmas tradition of watching. How can an all too comparable romantic comedy, — one of the painfully many — remain a hit after over a decade? Surely, a movie of a girl falling in love with a vampire will evoke more ‘aawws’. Better yet, a story on a man who has it all, but lets it go for the woman he loves will set higher expectations. So, what does Love Actually have that other movies don’t? Failing to find the magic of this movie, these teens proceed to listen to their playlist: the current 10 hottest pop songs. They head to cafes in their plaided tops not just for the food, but the mandatory flat-lays that come with their dishes.

This past year has witnessed serious reshaping of standards. On our part, we have seen more and more women speaking up and raising awareness on gender equality. The world also commemorated gay rights when the Supreme Court took a huge step in legalising gay marriage. Here, we see a larger spectrum of the LGBT community, breaking stereotypes of the perceived appearance of a homosexual person. With new spates of trends appearing, SPARKS has decided to dedicate an issue on the clichés of our lives. We will succumb to sentimental hits, cheesy stories and publicised resolutions for the month, but we won’t stop eliminating condescending stereotypes to create a better future. 


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