The Suicide Squad

Contain your devilish satires, because the Suicide Squad will be hitting the silver screens next summer! This highly anticipated DC villain team comic-turned-movie has us jumping in pure excitement mainly due to the unique ensemble of characters featured. This talented cast will include Jared Leto as Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Headshot and Cara Delevigne as Enchantress. Emmy-award winning actress Viola Davis is also playing the significant role of Amanda Waller. Not to forget, keep your eyes wide open for a cameo by Batman himself, acted by Ben Affleck. It isn’t just the star-studded casting that draws publicity to the Suicide Squad. Perhaps, it is the queer concept of villains saving the day that intrigues viewers to hit the cinemas when it comes out. To amplify our anticipation for the movie, let us dive deep into the less than usual stars of this movie: the antagonists.

You read it right. He is the Joker from Batman. In the original story, Joker has been comatose for years, and it was only when Batman reappeared that he regained consciousness and took avenge, performing another mass murder spree. Also known as the ‘Prince of Crime’, Joker has a hideous appearance which could make cold shivers run through your back or even provoke nightmares. To add on, the tattoos all over his body truly portrays the aura that we would love to see in a villain. Previously played the late Heath Ledger, the Joker is seen as one of the most iconic sinners of all time, with his menacing high-pitched laughter that most of us have tried to imitate. Now, prepare to see Jared Leto carry on the evil legacy in Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn
She’s just a girl and she’s on fire: a phrase that definitely defines Harley Quinn. This charming woman is a frequent accomplice and the lover of the Joker. She must be someone really special as she only has the hideous yet classic looking Joker in her heart. Quinn was first seen in Batman: Animated Series (Episode Joker’s Favour) as an accomplice of Joker, though he ended up completing his mission all by himself. Paul Dini, the creator of Harley Quinn, used that episode as a platform to introduce the character Harley Quinn. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm then decided to come up with a Batman: Animated Series comic book where Quinn will play Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel M.D as an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who falls in love with Joker. She later befriends Poison Ivy, who injects her with an antitoxin which gives her increased agility and immunity to toxins. The style and attitude makes her very unique and special. She exudes the aura of a wicked woman with her hair half-red and half-black and her bleached skin. In short, Quinn has a very strong personality.

Otherwise known as The King of Weapons, he is a hired assassin who is capable of using a large variety of weapons with mostly accurate target with every weapons that he uses makes him remarkable. He has been a major figure in the Suicide Squad in its latest two incarnations, where his skills as a marksman and his disregard for human life serve to advance the group's target. Deadshot is a unique character because of his desire to die in style which is probably his main motive of joining the squad after all. We could say that Deadshot does not fear death and he simply never goes out of style. Deadshot looks rather stylish with his suit and weapons and that portrays his strong attitude.

Enchantress is truly a smart name chosen for this powerful woman. Enchantress is a powerful sorceress. She possesses the ability to manipulate magical energy, such as healing and teleportation, as well as directly affecting any non-living objects with her power. Enchantress, June Moone, is invited to a costume party at a superannuated castle, and stumbles upon a dark, secret chamber where an unknown magical being empowers her to fight an evil presence in the castle. She then turned into a black haired woman wearing a gorgeous emerald green dress after enchanting those two magical words: The Enchantress. What an interesting story, don’t you think? In her next appearance, the Enchantress is portrayed as a character fighting against Supergirl’, who prevents her from gaining supreme magical power and cancelling all other superpowers on Earth. The Enchantress then continues her career as a member of The Forgotten Villains. After reading the background of this astounding woman, I believe that all of you out there are in tremendous excitement to see her on big screens.

Killer Croc
Killer Croc's backstory explains that he was born with a condition resembling a disfiguring skin disorder. However, it says that he has inherited traits of ancestral species of the human. Consequently, he has several extraordinary physical abilities such as having an impenetrable skin which means, attacking with firing weapons are of no use on him, he has a remarkable speed and of course he possess the super strength power. Killer Croc also has an impressive sense of smell. Killer Croc is also one of the villains’ from Batman. Croc is well known for his ‘behind the scenes’ work using various techniques to eliminate his enemies especially Joker’s army. Killer Croc is indeed a smart criminal. Speaking about his appearance, he has a ghastly looking face with sharp teeth, enough to squash you in a bite and of course a muscular body, full of scales. With Killer Croc, Joker and Batman all in one as team will be something very interesting to witness in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Amanda Waller
Moving on, we have the infamous Amanda Waller, who also works under the codename Mockingbird, on the list. As the leader of the Suicide Squad, she is a woman shrouded with enigma and is known to be ruthless when executing missions. Being a top-ranking US government official, she is a cunning, devious and users her wisdom to formulate sardonic strategies. Better watch out for her in the cinemas, she is definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

Captain Boomerang
Last but not the least, let us welcome ‘Captain Boomerang’, a smart villain from the hit tv series, ‘Flash’ . Many asked, ‘Why is it Boomerang out of all things?’. Well, this is because the Boomerang is the secret weapon used by Captain Boomerang to attack his victim. Aren’t you all curious to find out the story behind the Boomerang? Well, it triggered when he was hired as a promoter of a boomerang in a toy shop owned by his father. That is when he started developing the love and feeling for boomerangs and began using it for crime purposes. Captain Boomerang uses his intelligence really well as he deceived people and even the cops in believing that he is not the killer. He has a miscreant personality where he makes sure that he achieves his target by hook or by crook.

   With those listed characters, I believe you now have a vague idea of what the film is going to be like. We may be months early, but stay tuned for upcoming trailers that will hint more and more of the plot. If you have always been on justice’s side, be prepared to develop a feeling for these villains after you leave the cinemas.

By: Michellejeet Kaur


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