Editor's Note: Antagonistic Issue

For a long time, antagonists are mocked for their obsession over control, despised for their despise over the entire human race and locked up for their dishonourable ways of gaining power. It is said that there is good and bad to everything. When a hero rises, so does his nemesis. But the morality of the good will always knock down the crook with his mighty strength, bringing yet another happy ending to a chapter. The hero flies back to his hideaway with satisfaction, the crowd goes home with exciting news that superhuman has struck again, the battle will be sprawled across local covers the next morning, and life resumes as normal. Alas, normal is only a transitory span until the villain comes up with a new wicked idea, still determined to destroy. Better yet, a new antagonist emerges to avenge for his dark companion. 

In all seriousness, villains never really stop at anything to obtain what they desire — dead or alive. Motives aside, nobody ever gives villains enough credit for their hard work. Most of them share a backstory less than happy, so all they get, they execute by themselves. They do not own a bat-mobile or an indestructible shield, but their whole presence can shake the ground they stomp on. The awfully grand aura they exude when facing heroes demands more than respect. They are thrown in irons because they are thirsty for dominance. But isn’t control all people dream of nowadays?

Closing the year with an Antagonistic Issue, SPARKS will hand our peculiar but well-deserved recognition to the bad guys of the stories. Perhaps we are no better than them after all.

Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity; all it takes is a little push
- The Joker


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