Editor's Note: Nostalgic Issue

Undoubtedly, we all have significant events that we keep safe as part of our remembrance, recalling every now and then when our minds are finally clear of life’s concerns. As we grow older, those memories grow more distant, eventually vanishing into the void as indefinite as the chances of them ever happening again. Whatever that has happened, happened only once in that moment. Suddenly, the past is the past. The palpable has gone, but the yearning for it is still present. Just admit, do you still think of how everything was 10 years ago, and how everything has changed ever since?

Sometimes, all we need is to put our present on a pause and reminisce of our past, our ended and our buried. Whether it is pining for the good or the regret for the bad, of course our hearts will bleed for even one second of that past to come to life again, either to relive in contentment or fix what is meant to be fixed. Maybe we do not even have to dig deep to look for the past. 10 years ago, I was just using a Nokia 3310 with a game as the only outstanding feature and cameras were a separate device. As I type today, stocks of iPhone 6s has sold out, with multiple features including 3D Touch and Live Photos. 

Walk by an old playground that children no more go to, think of how a virtual swing set can bring more fun than the actual one in this era. What is real music now, compared to what it was in the last decade? With that said, this month is a nostalgic issue for SPARKS. 


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