Editor's Note: Supernatural Issue

Boo! The month of October has creeped upon us in full cover. The 31st of this month is not one to be missed, so spook or be spooked. For the days and nights leading up to the occurence, however, watch out for any skeletons in your closet and beware of the midnight howls lurking as your awakening lullaby. Under the dim light of the full moon, SPARKS has decided to go paranormal with an issue that veils stories for creatures who are more or less of a human. Whether you believe in it or not, mind out that we may keep your goosebumps rising throughout the entire month.

So hold your breath and be prepared for an issue that is out of this world, - in both metaphorical and literal sense. From the inhuman speed of cliché vampires and werewolves to the mysterious case of Jekyll and Hyde and everything in between, Halloween will not last for a day in October here. Perhaps, the haze experiencing now is a sign to something uncanny. 

“But I do believe in paranormal, that there are things our brains just cannot understand”

- Art Bell


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