Seven Wonders of the World

Planning on going on a trip but can’t seem to find a suitable place? Try one of these Seven Wonders of the World! These places have publicly gained recognition from people all around the world for being beautiful and historical world heritage sites. 

1. Great Wall of China
Starting off our list is the longest wall in the history of mankind, the Great Wall of China. Measuring approximately 21196 km, bits and pieces of this Chinese-made wall was first constructed as early as the 7th century and since then, the wall has been rebuilt, preserved and strengthened to the wall we all know today. This great wall was originally utilised for both local and overseas trading in the olden days. Nowadays, it mainly serves it’s job as an immensely popular tourist attraction. Lastly, just a simple precaution from our side, if you were to ever visit this heritage site, be prepared to come back with sore feet! 

2. Taj Mahal

Located in the bustling city in the Jewel in The Crown, Agra, the Taj Mahal is India’s pride and joy. Built in the 16th century, the Taj Mahal is a famous romantic site for both young and old couples alike. The Taj Mahal boasts of an unique backstory: the Mughal Empire's king, Shah Jahan, dedicated this state-of-the-art monument to this beautiful wife, Mumtaz Mahal, thus earning the name ‘Taj Mahal’ which means Mahal’s crown. The Taj Mahal serves as the tomb for the queen and it is a representation of of the queen in Paradise. If you’re a fan of Mughal art with a twist of the Persian art, the Taj Mahal is definitely your cup of tea.

3. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, which is located in Peru, is a 15th century Inca site that is situated near a mountain range. This significant site was built at the height of the Inca Empire and it was used as a place of worship for the Incas in the olden days. Unfortunately, as time passed, this historical site was abandoned during the Spanish conquest and it stayed that way for quite some time. However, since then, Machu Picchu has been rediscovered and commercialised to the public. The mountain that accompanies Machu Picchu has also become a famous hiking spot for tourists alike. It may not be the Himalayas but the route to the peak is definitely no easy feat!

4. Chichen Itza

Known as a Pre-Colombian city, Chichen Itza was an ancient Maya civilisation city. This abandoned city boasts of an unique architectural and urban style. Although there are many defining structures in the Chichen Itza, the El Castillo can’t help but to stand out from the rest. The El Castillo is temple built in a shape of a pyramid. In the past, it was used to worship the Maya serpent deity, Kukulkan. One thing interesting about this pyramid is that all the stair steps combined produce 356 steps; the number of days in a calendar year.

5. Colosseum

Located in Rome, the Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre building ever made and is highly-regarded structure in the architectural field. In the olden days, the Colosseum was used to conduct gladiator battles, executions, animal hunts and also drama plays. The Colosseum is estimated to be able to accommodate between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators per session. Despite it’s barbaric origins, the Colosseum was also used as a religious worship site for Christians in later years. In the present day, although the Colosseum has been partially damaged due to bad weather and vandalism, it still remains an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. 

6. Christ the Redeemer 

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro. This monument stands at 38 meters tall and it is primarily made from enhanced concrete and soapstone. Created by French sculptor, Paul Landowski, the statue took a whole five years to be built. Christ the Redeemer is an eminent symbol of Christianity and since this monument is overlooking the city of Rio, it can be implied that Jesus is watching over the people who live there. Besides that, it is also an extremely popular icon reference in movies and films alike. Try watching one disaster movie and chances are you’ll see Christ the Redeemer in one of the frames!

7. Petra

Petra is a South Jordan site renowned for it’s rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. It was established around 312 BC as the capital city of Nabataeans. This magnificent place was unknown to the world until 1812 when it was discovered by a Swiss explorer. Petra is surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges. It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world due to it’s ancient tombs and royal empire remains. It is definitely worth visiting Petra to experience the fusion between the ancient Eastern traditions with the blend of Hellenistic architecture.

8. Great Pyramid of Giza (Honorary Status)

Bestowed the ‘honorary status’ title, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest entry on this list. Built in 2560 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed using 2.3 million stone blocks and  the whole structure approximately weighs around 5.9 million tonnes! This Egyptian pyramid consists of three burial chambers: the general chambers, the Queen’s chambers and the highest one, the King’s chambers. A fun fact to know is that although the Egyptians were known for their ancient drawings and writings on walls, archaeologists have yet to find any hieroglyphics inside this historical site. This structure is extremely unique as it cannot be replicated in the present day because we do not possess the precise technology that the ancient Egyptians used to build this pyramid. This fact makes this building all the more worth visiting! 

By: Alicia Koh and Michellejeet


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