Productive Summer Holidays

Summer is in the air and it is holiday season for the most of us. Surely, we are eager to spend it in relaxation and sublime bliss. Some may already have plans to go on a dear trip overseas, but for the less fortunate ones, they might be stuck at home for the rest of their summer holidays, with only the television as their source of entertainment. Do you happen to be one of the latter? If so, do not fret! There are many ways to enjoy your holiday still, and spending its entirety surfing the internet for funny videos is not one of them. Productivity can still be created in your everyday space.

Staying in one place does not automatically restrict your boundaries to under one roof. So get your mind off the fact that you are stuck at home. This mentality restricts you and shuns you from endless possibilities nearby when in all actuality, you can still go outside. Of course, you might think you know your town at the back of your hand and the thought of going to the same places seems mundane, but ask yourself once again and give it another shot. Have you really been to all the shops down that familiar street? 

Granted the invitation, accept any chance at social interaction and immerse yourself in new experiences. So the next time your parents ask for a plan activity, do not shrug it off for a date with your computer. Get out there and live your real life where waters are not pixelated - your computer will not run away. Most of the time, you will gain something from your real life experiences. Whether it is meeting new people or learning different ideas, you will never return home with an empty mind.

However, for some who are really stuck at home under unlucky circumstances, there is a slightly different approach. Do not panic; you will not go insane with boredom. There are lots of things you can still do. Creative projects are always the way to go, and some of them happens to take ages to complete - perfect for a one-month holiday or longer. Take it up on yourself to improve on a skill you have already acquired, or even learn a new technique altogether. Read books of different genres. If you are feeling extra bold this summer, attempt to write an entire book. Compose a song, arrange tracks in Garageband or even teach yourself how to play it realistically.

Do not forget that exercising should also count as an activity in summer, backed up by the perfect hot weather to sweat in. It is essential to keep healthy all year round, even if it is a break. If you cannot go to an extravagant gym, then head over to your neighbourhood park for a good round of cycling, walking or jogging. If going outdoors is too much for you already, set up a few indoor sports games that can be played on gaming consoles you already have. Great examples would include the MiiSports that comes with every Wii and the Just Dance series by Ubisoft. If everything seems to be unreachable, then this is the perfect time to turn to Youtube. Only now, search up exercise videos for you to follow.

The last thing you want is to wake up on the first day of school with the realisation that you have wasted your break. In the end, just remember that there is a whole world away from the computer, and summer break is the perfect time to explore it. Sometimes, a comfort zone does not necessarily mean home and maybe it is confined thoughts that are holding you back. Happy holidays!


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