Unlikely Friendships

The rare sight of an avian snuggling up to a furry bobcat has got to be one of the most intriguing encounters ever witnessed. Even better, watching the trio gang of a tiger, a bear and a lion strutting along. From Ben the Labrador and his best friend Duggie the dolphin, to the inseparable duo of Bea the giraffe and Wilma the ostrich; watching these creatures getting along so well despite the distinct difference in species never ceases to make us gape in awe. Because truthfully speaking, if a bear can foster a friendship with a cow, what more purpose do us humans ask for to get along just as well as them?

 Prey and predator? Such was not how Aochan the snake viewed his new terrarium roommate, Gohan the hamster. There was no flicking of tongue in pursuit of a live prey, nor was there a predatory glint in the Japanese snake's eyes as he stared straight into the quivering hamster. The same could be said for Gohan, who remained unfazed by the reptile whose home he had moved into. Saying that Aochan's keepers were shocked is an understatement. A hamster that was intended to be just another meal, ended up as a longtime companion. Who knew that the untamed snake only needed a friend in that isolated terrarium. 

 Many scorned as they followed up on this rare friendship story. Some said that in time, Aochan would come to his senses and sink his fangs into his so-called friend. So, people waited and watched. As minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Time slowly crept past but Gohan and Aochan proved those condescending people wrong. They ate together, snuggled together, slept together and spent precious time together. Till death did they finally part. But even then, till this very day, the bond of friendship between this unlikely pair remains etched upon the memories of people all around the world. 
 They say that there are truth portrayed in the classic Disney movies, one of them being the tale of The Little Mermaid. As unrealistic as the story seemed, a friendship much alike one in the movie does exist. Like the protagonist, Ariel who saved Eric from the drowning in the ocean, a dolphin came to the rescue of a drowning dog. Since then, a relationship between the two different kinds, - one who walks on land and one who rides the waves - blossomed into a miraculous friendship.

 When Ben the water-loving dog went for a swim into the deeper parts of the ocean, he did not expect to stray so far from the shore. By the time Ben tried to make his way back to flat land, he found himself losing energy. Exhausted and on the brink of drowning, the pooch almost lost hope when as if on cue, a dolphin came riding along the waves and made its way over towards him with ease. Duggie the dolphin ducked under Ben and guided him swiftly to the safety of the shores. One would have thought that this would be their last encounter, considering it is unimaginable for a dolphin to stay tied down by a canine. However, these creatures proved human logic wrong. Such unlikely friendship remained, it is almost magical.

Witnessing so many animals of different species interact and gradually build relationships that are genuine without any ulterior motive, - just sweet and pure friendship strengthened by trust. It is something so moving. It is the existence of these relationships that we live on. Every one of us beings, we all need companions. So treasure and cherish the friendship that you have because it really is just those simple things in life that leave a great mark.


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