Every Second Counts

There is an expression that goes ‘Carpe Diem’. When translated, it holds a simple yet striking message, that is to seize the day. It tells us to cherish the moments with our loved ones, - sometimes even with our foes. It is important to make use of every second granted and spend the ticking hours away with a companion because we never know when the hands on the clock will halt its work, the ticking sound no more; that moment being the last for one of us. The choices of activities are eclectic these days. Whether it is a trip to the carnival, a round of paintball or even a  film to catch at the cinema, the company that we spend these time with remains at the top of the list.

  Personally, my favourite way of spending time with my close friends is with a sleepover. We may give in to the fact that technological devices have taken over our lives in shame. That being said, my friends and I have adapted a no-cellphone policy at our sleepovers. Phones silent, the night is filled with chatters and laughters, with conservations that vary from celebrity gossips to global issues and our worth as youths. Of course, sleepovers are incomplete without a thorough update on each other’s lives. Normally, we would end up asleep on the floor, waking up next morning to a mess waiting to be cleared.

  Another treasured hobby you can do with a friend is making friendship bracelets. You can start by following the easy designs and progress harder and harder each time. Better yet, come up with your own design! Have one intricately made that could be a sentiment of your friendship. The most important thing is the memorable experience of making them with your close friend. Once done, you will get bracelets looking trendy and ready to be worn. One friendship goal set!

  Once in a while, you may go to some place extravagant to prove your bond. But remember, it does not matter where you are, what matters is the people you are with. When I went to a simple theme park with my best friend, we had so much fun! We both shared the fear of heights and going on rollercoasters, screaming together at the thrill of it. We would enjoy getting cotton candy and going overboard to take selfies for a memory in our Instagram feed. Sometimes, we would even wear matching outfits. On another note, baking can be fun too. The worry and suspense of trying out a new recipe, unknowing of the end result is better when you are with a best friend. You can even decorate the dessert and surprise each other with the decorations.

  In short, you should appreciate each moment you have with your those so dear to you. The little things do matter. Now go ahead and make some plans!

- Namrata Gopwani


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