Editors Note: Heroic Issue

Undoubtedly, superhero is a noun all too familiar to everybody. Children will jolt out of their trance from the word being mentioned, gripping their action figures so tightly with overexcitement. Adults will pay the extra cash to dress as Superman or Wonder Woman for Halloween, silently revealing their inner geeky superhero side. Myth or not, this world has definitely witnessed the unraveling of mighty superheroes kicking in action over the last few decades. From the 1989 Batman to the recent Avengers 2, protagonists are now on the rise like never before, sparking hopes and dreams in many lives.

In light with the first ever Superman feature back in June 1938, of course SPARKS had to dedicate this month’s issue to the powerful punches and hard kicks of the mighty superheroes. 77 years later, and look where it stands today. So grab your cape and soar through life’s challenges with an action-packed issue that will prepare you to fight your arch nemesis. Don’t forget, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and these kind contribute a huge account to making World Humanitarian Day possible. This special event reminds us that brains can always beat brawn in a battle. 

“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.”


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