My Colours

To most people, I am known to have a flamboyant personality, - my vibrant streaks to thank for that. I find black and white dull, becoming conflicting elements of life. However, I am pleased by the ability of altering my persona to lighter or darker nuances, that these colours possess. Relating to this, my mind has lately been on edge after my physics professor delivered a lecture on light and sense of sight. In the lecture, he had raised a question, asking how do we see things. He eventually answered his own question, which really devastated me. He claimed that colours are only illusion created by mankind due to the presence of light. 

 I was already feeling irritated. So I demanded for an immediate explanation, doubting his statement. His justification was merely based on a scientific theory, claiming that colours are only energy detected by our vision. I had to interrupt his lesson to process all of the Physics terminologies into my mind. I sat there in solemn silence, accepting defeat. Truth being told, I felt demotivated after someone had ruined my childhood speculations that I perceived was real. Nonetheless, I was still determined to prove that colours are more than tricks of the vision. It could be something to offer to this dull world. 

 So, I attended biology class with a little ray of hope still inside. To my disappointment, she was also laconic in this matter. Curious and fed up, I demanded yet again for another explanation, to which she confidently responded with an explanation of the wonderful ways of how our anatomy works. Not giving up, I still held true to my concept that colours do not only exist because of light. I only needed proof. When the realisation hit me, all information my Psychology teacher taught us on colour vision only brushed past my ears. I had no will to listen when he was explaining on Trichromatic Theory and Opponent-Process Theory. Why should I be bothered about Perceiving Visual Dimensions and Visual Illusions?

 I returned home afterwards feeling miffed and unsatisfied. I had a deep thought on what I should do to prove my explanation. Suddenly, it triggered in my mind; if everybody in this world had the same opinions, then why were there still unresolved conflicts all around? From here on, I decided that I should respect other people’s opinions and perspective as much as they would respect mine. I stood on mine because I strongly believe that this is what's right, and I am certain that everybody else would feel the same way too. Nobody can mess with my colours. Other theories might be claiming that it is an illusion. Who cares? At least, I get to enjoy the beauty of it.


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